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(the little sister)

After dot-01 it seemed logical to continue thinking and fiddling around with fighter designs. Just for fun I thought I'd shrink the obvious trend and see what would happen. Little sister was born and is growing up really well. I have tested the design with Stan Kellar and his testimonial made me blush. With encouragement like that it is time to share it with you all.

The Mad Scientist 


Sail - lightweight mylar wrapping paper, space blanket or U.L. Orcon

Bow - .04 carbon or .05 fiberglass and for the gale force crowd a .06 carbon

Spine - bamboo 3/32x1/16 or a very thin Indonesian spine.

Reinforcing - Only for strong wind version on leading edge only.  Use 1/4 inch wide strip of photocopy acetate, .

I use a typical 3 point bridle of light braided line.

Alternate materials can also be used with varying success. Just remember what wind you want to fly it in and use the most appropriate materials. Rule of thumb is the lighter the better. Experiment, it's fun!  

The Plan

For the Techno Junkies

Here is the DXF file for you.  

Building Instructions

The template shown is made for contact cementing the bow in place. For detailed instructions check out the Fat Kids Notebook on the NAFKA site. As an alternate, if you have a favourite method of building just go for it! The only rule is keep it light, strong and balanced.

That's about it. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 


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