Odd Ball Kites

(Some Special Kites and Other Fun Stuff)

This kite is special to me because my son had a hand in it. The initial design came from a drawing he made when he was 4 years old. He had been watching me draw up a kite design on my computer. An important aspect of his design is that it has to have wings. To him, a kite flys better when it has them. It was built using wood doweling, garbage bags and kitchen string. It measures about 6 feet across and 18 feet long tip to tail. With proper bowing it flys quite well in a light breeze. Someday I'll make a proper break downable ripstop version.

This is a top view of my waxing setup in action. Waxing some T7 Cotton.

An actual view of my waxing mechanism. Note the precision construcion. ;)

This is my line take up reel. Yes it is hand cranking at it's best. Not fancy but it works just fine.

More Pics To Come!!!

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