Fighter Kite Plans


This kite represents my initiation into the art of designing fighter kites. From reports I think it has been a successful one. Hope you enjoy building and flying it as much as I do.


AKA- The Mad Scientist 


Sail - Light wind - lightweight mylar wrapping paper or space blanket
       - Strong wind - U.L. Orcon or medium weight Orcon.

Bow - light wind - .05 carbon

        - strong wind - .06 carbon

Spine - bamboo 3/32"square for high winds. Light winds make smaller in thickness.

Reinforcing - Only for strong wind version on leading edge only.  Use 1 or 2 layers of photocopy acetate, the same width as the fold over flaps, 1/4", contact cement on.

I use a 3 point bridle on my light wind version, (rear point) but would use a 4 point on a strong wind version, (rear and the one 3" up)

Alternate materials can also be used with varying success. For the sail I have used tyvek and cellophane gift wrap. For the spine a steam bent 1/4"x1/8" basswood stick. For the bow I have also used .08" fiberglass. Experiment, it's fun!  

The Plan

In picture .01 it is the first prototype.

For The Tech Junkies

here is the DXF File for you.

Building Instructions

The template shown is made for contact cementing the leading edge and the bow in place. For detailed instructions check out the Fat Kids Notebook on the NFKA site. As an alternate, if you have a favourite method of building just go for it! The only rule is keep it light, strong and balanced.

That's about it. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 


Here are a couple of links that will take you further into the fascinating world of Fighter Kites.

NFKA, Northwest Fighter Kite Association

CyberFighter Site

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