Rokkaku Kites

(Let the Battle Begin!)

Piranha - April, 2000

Here is my first of many to come Roks. It's a 6 footer with a Polyester/cotton sail and fiberglass tube frame. Cute little fishy, just don't get it angry!! ;)

Here is a real interesting 5 footer. It is made from a mirror finish heavy mylar. The edges are taped with 3/4 transparent tape. It has a 2400 carbon tube frame. The frame is held on with bungee cord thru holes in the sail . The inside is over the spar and then thru the hole and to an arrow nock on the end of the spar. Added bonus you can cook weinies on a sunny day when you put the curve in the sail!! ;)

LarryBoy 4 ft Rok

Who do you call when Bumblyburg is in trouble? Larry Boy that's who. Larry the Cucumber's super hero side from the kids video series Veggie Tales. This is my theme for this 4 foot ripstop/fiberglass tube Workshop kite from the TKF Chili Blast/Workshop weekend. It took me a while but it is now done. Flys great and looks fantastic up in the sky.

My Big Rok

The call was "Go big or go home" so I took them at their word and did! This fellow is over 13 feet high and 10 feet wide. A real pussy cat in the air but it can be a real bear on the ground. It has a 610 glassform spine and 414 glassform spreaders, two in the rear and one in the front. This combo keeps the rear stiff and allows the front to flex in gusty winds and keep the kite flying in the same spot. Impressive on the ground and as someone put it "elegant" in the air.

Star Rok

What to do with a bunch of stars that were cut out from another applique kite? Hmmmmmmm... Now here is a solution. Whip up a 50 inch Rok. and neatly arrange the stars in what looks like a pattern and sew them on. The result a neat little rok that looks cool in the sky and flys real good too. When not floating in the air it makes a great wall hanger!

Well in true Rok tradition I wanted to make a "Battle Rok" that would be worthy of getting into the fray. For the design i went to the Japanese Rok page and used the dimensions of a 25 sheet Sanjo Rok. The unique dimensions make for a nice profile in the sky. This one measures approx. 6'-3"x5'-0". A lightweight carbon tube frame and applique sail make for a great battler. I hope to batlle it for years to come... even win one or two! ;)

Angry Birds is a game my kids love to play. So in figuring out a project to make I suggested a whole setup starting with a Rok to go. This is a 7 ½ footer at 6 feet wide and fiberglass tube frame. My daughter drew up the configuration of the appliqué as you see it. Then my son scanned it, digitized it then we traced it out full size on Mylar then made up all the bits and sewed them to the sail. The wood parts are printable ripstop painted with acrylic paint by my daughter. They are sewn on and the touch-ups are done by her. It is a magnificent kite in the sky. Go to my "Line Laundry" page to see what it holds up.

More Pics To Come!

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