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Spidey - March 2000

Here is a kite I made for my son. It's a 30"x30" model with balloon ripstop nylon sail, 1/8" fiber glass rod frame and plastic dihedral. The graphics are done with embossing fabric paint. The paint is a bit heavy for the kite so the bridle has been modified since this photo to a two point bridle with the rear point near the tail. Needs a good breeze to fly right. Looks real good on a wall!.

4 Ft Diamond march, 2003

This is what happens when one has too much time to think!! ;))
With some left over materials and a few tubes that were kicking around I managed to fashion a 48 inch diamond kite into what you see above. The tubes are C30 Fushia tubes I got on sale and the material is left from a few kites I have been building. With the custom fuzzy tail it makes for a striking sight in the sky. My 4 year old thinks it is pretty cool and really enjoys flying it!

I have been doing some research into William Eddy the inventor of the "Eddy" kite. After working on it for a while I came up with a project to replicate a kite train he used in 1896... The first of 6 kites is a 9 foot version built in the style of the original. This means a loose fitting sail on a bowed frame. Perimeter lines around the kite hold the sail on. The sail is concave when it is flying.. Mr. Eddy's "efficient" kite is indeed efficient and there is, as on the original, no need for a tail to steady it. The rest to come... stay tuned.

After I got the 9 footer up and running it was time to make up the rest of the train. In order from bottom to top... Red- 9 foot, Orange- 6 foot, Yellow- 6 foot, Green- 7 foot, Blue- 4 foot, Purple- 4 foot. Each is attached to the main line by a lead line which is 40 feet long. There is 60 feet between attachment points for the lead lines. One cool lineup of kites wehn they are flying.

Here is a cute 4 footer I made for my Niece. She was complaining that she didn't have a kite so for her birthday I provided a solution. ;) A C30 frame and an easy assembly make this one great for her. It also is in her favourite colours! Am I good or what!! LOL

More Pics Coming Soon!!!

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