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Mad Gardeners

Pass the test and get a free certificate to prove what all your friends are saying

Diary of a Mad Gardener

Perfect gift for any gardener

Garden Tales
The old
Chuckle your way down the garden path

Garden News (GNN)
Garden news, a nice change from the usual six o'clock traffic and weather reports

Dibble's Daily Diary
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Dibble, the passionate, radical, and almost committed gardener

My Garden
The old
See the garden without leaving the comfort of your wonky wheeled office chair

African Violet
Win a
Just a little more serious.

Updated weekly

Songs and Other Stuff
Win a
Weird planters, buried treasures, movies, clubs, and books

Bug Checker
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Take care of bug problems, permanently

Cat and Gnome Poll
What do
                        you think?

Get the facts. See how much gardeners of the world love this pair

Soiled Reputations

How's your reputation? Are you a competitive gardener?

                        gotta have em
Could do with a weeding but there are a few gems in here

Garden Jokes
Are you
                        lost in the shrubbery?
Corny, really, really corny

A Garden Quiz
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Test your knowledge
Impress your friends

Scratch and Sniff

Revolutionary software. You'll think you're under a rose arbour

My Travel and Garden Blogs

You know you've been gardening too long . . .

Refresh the page for a another reason.

See Survivor in the Garden

And lots more funny garden stuff from past contest entries here . . .
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You know you've been gardening too long when . . . | What to do with all those zucchinis
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Unlikely garden books
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