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      Description of our Website Pages 
Home Page ....  that's the intro page you're on now.

The Antrim McKentys...this page  describes some origins of the McKenty/McKinty name in County Antrim Ireland. Numerous ancestral families and individuals who lived  there from the late 1600s through the period of emigration are identified. Besides emigrants to North America, profiles of some  families that emigrated from Scotland and Ireland to Australia and New Zealand are also found here

Quebec McKentys ...on this page you'll find an outline of the families that first settled in Quebec including  John and Mary Mulvena McKenty, Bernard & Ann Daley McKenty, and Daniel & Mary Stanley McKenty. Like other ancestors their descendents are scattered around our global community

John McKenty and Mary Blaney ..  They settled  on Amherst Island and eventually emigrayed again across north America.

The Hugh's of Amherst Island.   This page traces the descendents of two original families, Hugh & Nancy Robinson McKenty and Hugh & Sarah Berdan/Bourdaine.  They were among the early settlers of this island once known as the Isle of Tanti. None of there descendents remain on the island 

Henry and Bridget Mooney McKenty.....came to Canada around 1861 and settled near John and Mary Blaney. Later they moved a few miles away to Madoc Ontario.

New York State Kin This page focuses mainly on the descendents  of the widow Jane McKenty and her children  who first settled near Potsdam.

More Ontario Cousins ..This section outlines 4 other Ontario families including Neil and Margery Murphy McKenty in Hastings, William and Margaret McKenty near Peterborough, and Captain John and his wife Jane who lived in Hamilton...
More American Cousins This page identifies some of the families who settled in various areas of the United States. Attention is mainly focused on Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, and Illinois with some tidbits on  New Jersey, Vermont, and Maryland.

Library Room   The  Found But Lost  section is included on this page of the website. It lists a number of McKenty/McKintys whom I have records for but who are still looking for the appropriate branch of the tree to be placed in.
     There is a photo section with pictures of sites in Ireland along with some McKenty/McKinty tombstones


     In order to protect the privacy of living kin I have omitted some personal information such as dates etc in the family trees as per  Genealogical Society recommendations 


 Feel free to copy any information found here for your own private personal use.  A lot of the research shared in this site is not based on internet sources but on personal archival research.
Please do not publish or upload to personal or commercial sites.




      I have used the "McKenty" and "McKinty" spellings interchangeably
In my research I have often seen both spellings used by the same family/individual.   

Home | The Antrim McKentys | Quebec McKentys | John McKenty & Mary Blaney | The Hughs of Amherst Island | Henry McKenty & Bridget Mooney | More Ontario Kin | New York State Kin | More American Cousins | The Library Room


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