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Neil and Margery Murphy McKenty

    NEIL MCKENTY was born in 1846 in Ireland, and died April 28, 1888. He married MARGERY MURPHY on January 11, 1875 in Hastings . She was likely the daughter of PATRICK MURPHY and BRIDGET MCKINTY. Margery was born in Ireland in 1851 and died March 02, 1891.                                      As a matter of interest there were a number of McKenty/Murphy marriages including a Hugh and Nancy (Ann) Murphy McKenty who lived  in the Amherst Island area . Their daughter Catherine appears to have married twice. The first, in the Registers of St Mary's Cathedral  1816-1869 Kingston was to John McCarey on November 22 1841.  It says they were from the Isle of Tanti (Amherst Island). The second , in Gananoque, was to Patrick Keys on September 12 1854
       The Canadian marriage registration says Neil was the son of Alexander and Hannah McKenty. In Antrim there is a baptismal record for Neil, son of Alexander and Ann McKenty, born 1846. This is likely the same Neil. Besides  Neal,  Alex and Ann had other children in Ireland including John 1835,  Henry 1836, Hugh 1838, and Patrick 1839. In Glenarm Ireland, Alex McKenty was also the baptismal sponsor for Rosa, the daughter of Henry and Martha McNeil McKenty born 1826. This is likely the same Alex, Neil's father
  In 1854 there was a John Murphy living alongside Neal McKinty in Nappan Antrim.
        Neal and Margery's wedding took place in Madoc,  the home of Bridget and Henry McKenty.  Ellen Mooney and Daniel McAteer were the witnesses. Ellen was the sister of Bridget Mooney McKenty. She and Dan are buried next to Henry and Bridget McKenty in Madoc. Margery's sister Rose married Hugh McKenty in Glenarm. Their daughter Ann was born Nov 5, 1864. The baptismal sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Black.

      Coincidentally the 1871 census has a Daniel Black age 60 and Michael Black age 65 living in Tyendinaga Hastings  . Henry and Bridget's daughter Mary married a Henry Black
       It's obvious Neal and Henry of Madoc were closely related . They also seem to be connected to the families of Henry&Mary McKillen McKenty,  Alexander& Ann McKenty,  Henry&Martha McNeil McKenty, and Patrick and Bridget McKinty Murphy
     The 1880/1881 census of Frontenac, Kingston shows Neill age 35, Catholic and wife Margery age 28  Ireland,  RC  with son Hugh 5, Rose 4 , John A  6mons..
    The birth certificate for John A has Neal living in Collinsby (by Henry's first home) and working as telegraph operator. For his son Joseph's baptism  Hugh and Ann McKenty were listed as sponsors.  In the birth registration for son Hugh, Neil was  listed as baggage man for the railway working in Napanee.  John and Bethia Rennie Mckenty were living in Napanee as well.
   Their tombstone in St Paul's Cemetery Norwood  reads " Margery McKenty w/o Neil D. Mar 2 1891 age 40 yrs Co Antrim ..Neil Mckenty d. April 28 1889 age 45 yrs..


  i.   HUGH MCKENTY, born 1876

ii. ROSE MCKENTY, b. about. 1877.

iii JOHN  MCKENTY, b. September 16, 1880.

iv. ARTHUR JOSEPH MCKENTY, b. November 17, 1886, Deloro Hastings County; d. August 03, 1944, Hastings; m. ANNA IRENE SHEA, June 21, 1923, Peterborough; b. April 1889, Asphodel; d. 1952. Arthur's baptismal certificate is dated Dec 24 1882, sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Black.
     ArthurJosephATT Arthur fought in the First World War. His WWI Attestation paper, dated Jan 27th 1916, has him born Dec 18 1882 in Deloro Ontario and living in Norwood. It says he had dark brown hair, blue eyes, was 5' 7 1/2 , clerk,  single and had"sore on 2nd finger left hand terminal joint." Another military doc has him in the 93 Battalion, sailing from Halifax on the Empress of Britain July 15 1916, next of kin his sister Annie Loughlin in Sweetgrass Montana and Wm Shea, 211 Reid St Peterborough. His death reg 31944-05-052284 indicates he was a hardware merchant in Hastings  at the time of his death on August 3 1944


 v. ANNIE MCKENTY, b. October 28, 1884; d. Montana; m. THOMAS O'LOUGHLIN; b. February 28, 1882; d. Montana. The IGI has Annie Mckenty marrying Thomas O'Loughlin on Jan 10 1910 in Great Falls Cascade, Montana. Henry and Bridget's son Dan was in Montana as well ...I think they were first cousins

vi. Joseph Neil McKenty . There is registration of the birth of Joseph Neil to Neil and Margery in 1889, which occurred after Neilís death. Hugh and Ann McKenty were sponsors.  The 1891 census of Ontario has an  infant named Joseph living with Henry and Bridget Mooney McKenty . This may have been Neal and Margeryís son living there temporarily after Neil's death. There is no mention of a Joseph with Henry in the 1901 census

Generation 3

 Arthur Joseph married Anna Shea
                i   Neil McKenty married CATHARINE.
               ii.  Stafford McKenty

Annie McKenty married Thomas O'Loughlin
    Children of Annie and Thomas
        i Howard O'Loughlin b. 1912 Sweetgrass Montana
       ii  Margaret b1914  married Jacob Hiepas
      iii Gertrude b1917  married Ray Peterson
      iv Susan b 1919
      v Jean  b1921
     vi Anne O'Loughlin  b1925 married Howard Anderson


To protect the privacy rights of living individuals many of the relevant dates have been omitted in the subsequent families

Generation 4

Neil McKenty married Catharine

Stafford (Sam) McKenty married Sue
Children of Stafford and Sue
          i John
         ii Michael


          John and Jane McKenty        CDNCrest

       JOHN MCKENTY was born 1826 in Ireland, and died February 01, 1890 in Hamilton. He married JANE. She was born 1833, and died November 01, 1920 in Hamilton.  A scribbled birth registration for one of their children indicated Jane's maiden name may have been Car. It was difficult to decipher.
        John may have  been a ship Captain, possibly known as Crackity Jack. Some records appear to be somewhat  contradictory. He captained various ships on the Great lakes which sailed from a number of different ports, predominantly Cleveland and Buffalo.            
     mariner Marine records from U S Enrolments has John as Captain of the schooner Hiram ,  port of Cleveland....the registered owner of the Lexington out of Buffalo, ... Captain of the Martha Freme out of Buffalo  ... Captain of the Brigantine Ansell R Cobb out of Cleveland ...and owner of the schooner Watts Sherman out of Cleveland June 1853. These ship records gathered from the internet, have John as Captain starting in the 1840's. This doesn't  seem to blend  considering his age. Either his birth date is incorrect, or the ship record dates are wrong, or the ships were really small, or he was one of the youngest captains or its the wrong John??!!     
         It appears John may have had a sister Rose. Both John and Rose lived in Hamilton and were in the same age group. According to the Hamilton Spectator Rose McKinty married John P Hart, a saddler at St Mary's on Jan 16 1857. On July 6th 1826 in Carnlough/Glenarm there is record of the birth of a John McKenty, son of  James McKenty and Doherty. A daughter Elizabeth was baptized in Layde  July 23 1838. Sponsors were Mary Black and Charles Douay....probably a long shot
      The records in Hamilton tell us John and Jane had a number of children, many of whom died in infancy/childhood. I didn't record all of them. There is a death notice in both the Hamilton Funeral Directory and Hamilton Spectator dated Aug 9, 1865 for a John McKinty, son of Capt John and Jane. On Oct 9 1865 there is another death notice for Robert James, age 7yrs 10 months, Wellington St, son of Capt John and Jane
    S.S.Kingston     The 1871 census has John McKinty 48, Ireland, RC, sailor, wife Jane 38 , RC Irish, Rose 14, Thomas 15, Minnie 9 William, 6, and Kate 4.  A Hugh Daley 19, was living with them at the time. It appears John and Jane had another daughter not listed in the census records. There was a marriage registration for a Catherine McKinty age 25, of Hamilton, daughter of John and Jane (Carr? ) She married Hugh Hickey(?) 32, of Michigan, son of Jas Hickey and Catharine Stafford. Witnesses were T W Edwards of London and Mme McKinty 19 of Hamilton. At the time of marriage Catherine was working as a housekeeper.
     Hamilton1870   The death notice for Captain John in the Hamilton Spectator indicates he had been living at 27 Barton St E in Hamilton and was buried there in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. The Spectator notes Jane's death on Nov 1, 1920 . I visited the cemetery and they're all buried together along with many of the children. Close by is another Mckenty family, John Augustus and his kin

Children of JOHN MCKENTY and JANE CAR are:

       i. ROSE MCKENTY, born  December 25, 1852; d. December 29, 1939, Hamilton. Rose, according to burial records, remained single all her life. She was living at 168 Wentworth S. at the time of her death
      ii. ROBERT JAMES MCKENTY, b. 1858.
      iii. WILLIAM H MCKENTY, b. December 23, 1863; d. September 16, 1943, in Dundas; m. MARY?; d. October 23, 1950, in Hamilton, records from Dwyer Funeral Home  and Spectator . There are also death notices for 2 children belonging to W McKinty one Oct 3 1891 "infant", the other Oct 10 1893 child 3mons ..address 50 Barton W Hamilton
      iv. MINNIE MCKENTY, b. September 23, 1854, married Hugh Hickey in St Mary's Cathedral, Hamilton; d. October 26, 1937, Hamilton
       v. THOMAS MCKENTY, b. 1855; m. MAGGIE JOSEPHINE MCCANN, June 21, 1881, St Mary's Cathedral Hamilton; She was born. September 03, 1854, Canada; d. October 26, 1937, Hamilton.
     The marriage notice in the Hamilton Spectator says he was one of Hamilton's most successful grocers and she was the daughter of John McCann, a boot and shoe manufacturer on James St. In Josephine's birth notice Thomas is again identified as a grocer
      vi. KATE MCKENTY, b. 1867.  married ___McLeod, buried in Hamilton. She signed an affidavit verifying  age etc for a John McKenty who was getting married in Rainy River

    I'm making a presumption here. On Catherineís wedding registration her made of honour was a Mme McKinty

      The children's names in this family, as with other Mckenty/McKinty families , are strikingly similar
In Australia, where some family migrated,  there was a Hugh McKinty who's children were Hugh 1880, Isabella Sarah 1888, Thomas 1883, and James ..There was another McKinty family, Thomas and his wife Ellen King with children Hugh 1875, John 1879, John Patrick 1870, Mary Ellen 1874, Rose Ann 1881 Thomas 1872


     Irene, John Augustus and William McKenty

     JOHN AUGUSTUS2 MCKENTY  was born August 18, 1886, and died November 14, 1944 in Hamilton.
      I'm not sure who the father was but Irene, William, and John Augustus McKenty were definitely siblings.  This relationship is verified by information gathered from various death/news articles posted JohnAugobitin the Hamilton Spectator. John was the managing editor of the newspaper for 20 years. He was a widower when he died but I haven't found evidence of children  nor the name of his wife yet.  John Augustine McKenty was apparently born in Hamilton and had been in failing health for over a year before his death. His wife had died a short time before. The family of John and Jane McKenty, outlined above, are buried near John Augustus in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, in Hamilton Ontario

 WILLIAM F MCKENTY, brother of John Augustus and Irene, was born in Hamilton, and died 1947 in Hamilton. He married GERTRUDE LA FOND.
      ii. BETTY MCKENTY.
     iii. JANE MCKENTY.


William  And Margaret McKenty

    WILLIAM MCKENTY was born about 1800 in Ireland, and died June 06, 1897 in Peterborough Ontario. He married MARGARET MCKENTY. She was born about 1819 in Scotland, and died October 01, 1877 in County Of Peterborough.
        The 1871 census of Canada page 9 Province of Ontario, District 58 North Peterborough, has William,  60 Ireland, Margaret 52,  Scotland, and son John 20. The Times Business Directory And Book of Reference for The Town of Peterborough 1876 has John Mckenty lot 3 con12, Halls Bridge and Wm McKenty at the same location. To view click on the expandable thumbnail map at the left.
        A book on South Harvey Communities  says " In 1860, on the shores of Buckhorn Lake, William McKinty, an Irish Protestant, occupied lots 2 and 3, concession 12. His son John, continued farming and may have operated a lime-kiln on his farm . Both father and son served on council in the 1860's and 1870's and from 1902-1913. John married Annie Stockdale and had 4 children. A brother Bruce McKinty married Pearl Jones and had no children" P65    Pages 475-476 of the text lists more of their involvement as  council members
     There is a birth registration for Edwin Bruce, born Sept 4 1883 son of John McKinty Hotel keeper , and Ann Stockdale Hotel Keeper registered Sept 20 #028435. Their daughter Anne Maria was born August 24, 1874 but the birth was not registered till Jan 18 1877 !! 2 1/2 yrs after the event. I've heard of late registrations,  ..
      Margaret's death registration October 1877 indicates she was Methodist, born in Scotland, and had asthma for 6 days. William's death registration says he was 97yrs 11mons, born Co Antrim, was Presbyterian, lived on lot 2 Concession 12.  He died of old age and had a "tumour of the eye"
                 i  John McKenty
                ii Bruce
Generation 2

   . JOHN2 MCKENTY, was born July 04, 1852, in Ontario and married ANN     
             STOCKDALE She was born October 09, 1850, in England.
Children of John and Ann
                    i Ann  born August 10 1874
                   ii Edith abt 1877
                  iii Margarita 1880
                  iv Edwin Bruce September 4 1883 

          The 1891 Census has William 89, living with John 38, Ann 38, Anne M. etc  
  Peterborough East Harvey Township. The 1901 census has John 48, Ann 50,  
  Margaret A  21, and Edwin Bruce 17. On Edwin's birth registration John and    
    Ann are listed as Hotel keeper On Anne Marie's John is listed as a farmer,    
   Harvey Township       

 . BRUCE MCKENTY, m. PEARL JONES.  They had no children. Apparently Pearl used to play the piano at the Anglican church in Buckhorn. There is a thumbnail expandable picture of Bruce and Pearl to the left.



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