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 The McKinty/McKenty   surname appears to have both Irish roots and Scottish connections. Both  Fr. Woulfe, in “The Origins of Irish Surnames”, and MacLysaght in “TheAntrim Shield Surnames of Ireland”, say the names McKenty, McKinty, and MacKi(e)nty are really variants of MacEntee, McEntee, and McIntee, from the Oriel and Offaly districts and counties Armagh and Monaghan. Some say the name has been used as a variant of McGinty in Donegal. There is evidence of some families using McGinty while living in Scotland and reverting back to McKenty on emigration. 

       Antrim Map Scottish Connections  Black, in his text “Surnames of Scotland,” connects the surname to Aberdeen, Scotland.  A variety of vital statistics from the cathedral in Edinburgh support the McKenty McKinty presence there.  The Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Antrim 1831-1838 also confirms the Scottish influence in Antrim by noting “there is no doubt that the Scottish made this part of the country the scene of many of their incursions  ...and the present inhabitants are evidently the descendents of the Scottish settlers of the 16th century.”


Our Antrim Roots

          There appears to be little evidence of the McKenty name in any other county before it's appearance in Antrim  in the early 17th century
Griffiths Valuation for Antrim 1848-1864 lists only 24 properties headed by a McKenty, and 3 with the name McKinty. The Valuation lists no other McKinty/McKenty households anywhere else in all of Ireland at that time. It is important to note that of those registered, there were 3 James’s, 6 John’s, 4 Patrick’s, and 4 Sarah’s. People at that time could hold more than 1 property. This does not include the possibility of both parent(s) and/or siblings from the same family  holding properties. This would significantly reduce the actual  number of McKe(i)ty families during this period. 

      The small number of McKenty households just seems to support the notion that the families which emigrated to Canada,  the United States, Australia, and New Zealand were closely related. Geographically speaking, it's amazing how close they actually lived to each in Antrim.

     UlsterCrest  According to Griffith records eleven of the McKenty properties were in the parish of Ardclinis. This area  borders the parishes of Layd and Tickmacrevan where more McKenty families lived.

Ancestral Families

      Records from Ireland including the Valuation , the Memoirs and  three very informative published works by Felix McKillop outlining the histories of Larne, Glenarm, and Glencloy tell us about specific families/individuals. Information from the texts, Felix's works,  and records from PRONI and the National Library in Dublin are outlined below.

        In them there is mention of a  Paddy McKenty 1770 of Raloo, one of the Steelboys,  who terrorized the established authorities and landlords. These groups were protesting rent increases and evictions experienced by many tenant farmers. 
    There is also mention of another Paddy McKenty of Larne who had been bailiff of the Earl of Antrim's estate in the latter part of the 18th century.


         The Hearth Money Rolls of 1669 identifies households who had to pay a tax if they had a hearth. Included in this list were Dermott, Hugh, John, and Shane McKenty, residents of Ardclinis parish. Dermott is also listed in  Tickmacrevan . During this period the records and literature from Ireland seem to suggest that the vast majority of Antrim McKentys may have lived in this region  which encompasses parts of the parishes of Layd, Ardclinis, and Tickmacrevan. The distance between there homesteads was miniscule, often the same or adjacent farm lands

       In the late 1700’s mass in this area was apparently celebrated at the home of Patrick McKenty of Carnlough. Nearby a Patrick McKenty of Creggan was involved in the 1798 rebellions. Records show he testified in defence of one of the leaders of the rebellions, Rev. Acheson.

       Shane, Daniel, Patrick, another Shane, Alex, Bernard, Duncan, Neal, and Hugh McKenty jointly leased property in this region  from  the Earl of Antrim in 1794 . The property was located on a very large mountain side area beside Gortin/Aghalum  and  Glenravel. In this group Duncan may have been the father of Bernard, Shane, and Neal.. The Patrick Mulvenna who was  involved in the lease agreement  may also have been the Patrick  who settled with the McKentys in Quebec in the early 1800's.
      A few years later in this area  Henry McKenty of Creggan  supported a land grant petition for a Catholic church to be built in Glencloy. The eventual lease for the church, signed in 1814, was witnessed by Bernard McKenty (1757-1817).(
see Families below )


     Glencloy  The list of residents for Glencloy in 1814 includes Shane, Bernard, Alex, Neal, Patrick, and Hugh McKenty in Aghalum, and Stewart McKenty in Carnlough.  Shane McKenty died around 1820 when his will was registered in  Glenarm. (This will is outlined in the Quebec McKentys page of  website). It reveals Shane children included a John, Bernard , Patrick, Sally, Kitty, Mary  and a grandson Patrick

     In 1823 Henry McKinty and Neal McBride shared land at Carnlough. (see thumbnail map)

 The Tithe Applotment   records in 1828 researched by Jim McKinty reveal   Alexander, James, Neal, Patrick and Hugh McKenty/McKinty households  in Aghalum and  Henry and Shane McKenty were in nearby Carnlough and Creggan ,  and a Hugh in Lemnalary.

  In 1830,  Raloo parish,  there was a Daniel and Patrick McKinty in Ballyvallagh, and a Widow McKinty in Larne parish.

   The 1851 Census of Antrim ( only fragments remain) finds some McKintys near Larne, including Patrick McKinty(b.1797) and his wife Elizabeth(b.1791), son John b.1833. There is William  b.1821, his wife Margaret b.1825 and children Mary 1845, Edward 1846, and William 1849; ...and the widow Cecilia b.1791 and her children Margaret 1827, granddaughter Ann 1838, Catherine 1849. Also listed is the widow Sarah b.1805 with her  children William 1843, Catherine 1846, and John 1850.  A James McKinty is recorded in the parish of Dunaghy 
By 1860 the list of tenants and freeholders  show a Neal,  Patrick, and Margery in Aghalum;  Daniel and James in the town of Carnlough, John in Creggan,  Alexander in Gortin,  and another John in Lemnalary.
        Strangely enough, there are few if any McKe(i)nty families in Carnlough/Glencloy region today. Most live in the area of Larne and southwards.


  Some Families in Antrim:  The following list is based on research I did while visiting the archives and cemeteries in Ireland.  It is supplemented by the work done there by Mary Ann Carey with a few minor additions from IGI records. Many of the families listed may have stayed in Ireland but a significant number and their descendants probably emigrated. Obviously there were numerous other McKe(i)ty families not listed here. For the sake of simplicity I’ve spelled most McKe(i)ty here with an ‘e ‘despite the fact many may have had them with an I or both. There is no implied relationship or connection between the families outlined here. They are listed in random order grouped by father’s  name 
  A special thanks to Alastair McQuillan  who helped with some pertinent insights into the records in Ireland.


Bernard McKenty (1757-1817)
pparently Bernard loved his first cousin Mary O'Neil. Since any potential marriage was frowned upon he went to Jamaica and became part owner of a plantation, Golden Grove, in  Kingston. After he spent some time there he returned to Antrim. He gave money for some nieces and nephews to go to school in Spain. He then married Mary O'Neill, the daughter of  his first love Mary O'Neill. He may also have been the Bernard whom ship records indicate came to the U.S. during the war of 1812.

      Bernard and his wife Mary O'Neill (1794-1875) had 3 children, Mary, Charlotte,  and John.
Bernard is buried in old graveyard in Glenarm. Near him  Catherine  McKenty McNaughten was buried in 1794. She was the daughter of Neal McKenty of Crany.

          Their son John was a surgeon and died in Africa.

 After Bernard's death in 1817 Mary married Charles McAuley and had 3 more children.
Mary Anne (m Spence), Alicia (married John McGalliard, Rosetta (married Archibald McNeill.0 Rosetta's son Eoin was a cofounder of the gaelic League, and son James became the Irish Free States first High Commisioner and later its' Governor General. 

Patrick McKenty born17**  married __Hunter
  Children of Patrick and Ms Hunter
   i Neil 1784- 1864...son Neil...son Neil
  ii Hugh  

Generation 2
  Hugh McKenty married Catherine McLaughlin..
            Children of Hugh and Catherine

  i  Patrick  1827-1899 baptismal sponsors Alex McKenty& Catherine McCormickHe married    Margery Connors  
 ii Mary ..July 25 1828 sp Henry and Nancy Mulvena ..
married a McKenna from Carnlough
iii  Sarah ..she married a Mulvenna from Larne
iv Margaret..  she married a Thompson 

Generation 3
Patrick McKenty
married Margaret (Margery) O' Connor 1840-1912 from  
 Children of Patrick and Magy(Margery) O'Connor McKenty
   i Hugh May 29th 1852 sp Sarah McFall & Archie Connor....went to Scotland..died in Mothwell
  ii Patrick (Jan 15 1854 -1910) baptismal sponsor was Margaret McKenty... He married  Mary Foxton.  He was a ship Captain emigrated from  Carnlough to Australia        
  iii Mary ..died age 3              
  iv George New Zealand?  
 v  Neal 1860 sponsors Henry Hugh and Rose Connor..  to USA?
 vi Catherine Aug 10 1862  sponsors Thomas&Catharine Conway …married John  children           
vii Archibald 1865-1951  sponsors Wm Ryan & Jane Campbell ..
 Sarah …born 1871-1919...married  Neil Hunter 1866-and emigrated to the United States for this family and descendents
...See California on    More American Cousins Page

Generation 4
son of Patrick and Margaret, married Mary McGavock
     Children of Archie and Mary McGavock 
 The 1901 census has children  Archie Jr and his sister Catherine apparently  single, still living at home...... A pic of Archie Sr's tombstone is below  
Children of Archie and Mary           

i Kathleen d 1916 ..
ii Archie died 1928,                  
 iii Patrick d. 1929,
iv George died 1936, 
 v Mary Agnes  1904-2000... married  James Esler
The Stanburys of Australia, descendents of Patrick McKenty and Mary Foxton                                                                                    

 Mary Foxton

 The Stanburys and Bartletts

 Lindsay McKenty Bartlett

  Archies Tombstone    In Ireland

Henry 1796-1888 and Martha McNeil McKenty 1805-1888. They first took up a tenancy on the land at Mullaghconnolly with the Antrim Estates in 1843. They may have had 11 children but only the names of 9 are known.  Henry and Martha died on the same day, Mar 8 1888. Apparently they were found by their grandson Henry.
     In his will dated  March 23  Henry left 2 cows and 1 colt to his wife Martha, 3 each pounds to his son John, his daughters Mrs. Alice McGavock,  Mrs. Ann Black, Mrs. Margaret McRandle, Mrs. Rose McFall,  Mrs. Jane McKay,  Mrs. Martha McCurry,  and to Patrick McLoughlin widower of daughter Mary. The rest, including the farm and contents was left to his son Neil.
  Children of Henry and Martha
  i Annie..baptized 9Oct 1826 Parish of Tickmacrevan sp Dan Blaney and Rose McBride. She married Charles Black Feb 5 1851 witnesses Denis  Galvin and Mrs. McNeill. Charles owned parcel #2 at Mullaghconnolly next to  Henry and  Martha.
 ii Rose .. baptized Dec 18 1828 sp Alex McKenty and Catherine McCormick
 iii Ally (Alice)1839 sp Alex and Mrs. McKenty married…McGavock
 iv Margaret 1850  sp John Murphy and Mary McNeill  of Mullaghconnelly
  v Neil 1840
 vi John 1830-1920 married Sarah 1840-1923
vii Jane…married .._____McKay
viii Martha …married____ McCurry
 ix Mary married Patrick McLoughlin 
Generation 2

   2 Annie
(Henry and Martha)...she married Charles Black 0n Feb 5 1851 Tickmacrevan
Children of Annie and Charles
         i  John Black bapt Nov 30 1851
ii Charles Black
bapt. Jan 11, 1867     iii  Henry ?
   2 Rose
Henry and Martha   
married  Neal McFall, farmer of Glenarm . They had at least one 
           child  i William McFall Oct 20 1874

   2 John McKenty (1830-1920..buried Feystown( Henry and Martha  married Sarah 
                      Darragh  in 1862  Children of John and Sarah
                  i Ann bapt Oct 1867 Tickmacrevan
                 ii John baptized 1870
                iii Sarah (1873-1949) married Henry Magill (1867-1916) of Campbelltown, Lisnahay
                    Cairncastle Children of Sarah and Henry
                                               1 Charles Magill (1911-1974)
                                               2 Ann Magill (1908-1994) who married Robert McKillop. There children
                                                   were Robert, Tommy, Charlie (married Margaret mcAuley), Felix
                                                   (married Jane Conlan)
                 iv James McKenty bapt Nov 7 1875
                  v Maggie McKenty (1876- ) married William Todd of Glenarm (1877-1953)
                  vi Mary McKenty (1880- )
  2 Alice McKenty ( Henry and Martha) married Charles Mcgavock of Deer Park in 1863
          Children..... Mary Mcgavock bapt Apr 25 1875 and Martha McGavcock bapt Mar 10 1878
2 Neil
McKenty( Henry and Martha) married Margaret Mulvena   He was the son of
              Henry and Martha McNeil McKenty. He married Margaret Mulvena of Deer Park
              Children of Neil and Margaret
                       i  Martha (1872-   ) she married W.Simms, went to Canada, then possibly California  
                      Three  children?..Margaret, Kathleen, Rivers?
                     ii  Annie (1874- 1878
                    iii   Jane ( June 20 1875-Glenarm 1958) married Robert McErlean (1869-1941) lived in   
                        Larne, 11 children: John, Harry, Margaret, Colin, James, Gerald, Alphonsus,               
                        Malachy , Laurence, Eileen, and Brian         
                   iv  Henry 1877- 1962 ..never married
                   v  Margaret Ann ( Maggie) 1879 sponsors John McKenty and Martha Black. She married
                     Dan Matthews They had 7 Children: Louisa, Hester, Daniel, Neal, Alexander, Margaret
                      and Winifred
      vi Charles (Charlie) McKenty 1882-1962 married Mary O'Donnel (  -       
           1937..buried in Carnlough
     vii  John McKenty 1884-1962 married Minnie Mullan in 1926
    viii  Neil   1886- 1929 married Mollie O'Neil
      ix  Alicia (Alice) 1888-1920 married J P McGuire
  x  Rose McKenty 1897- 1965 married Henry children
     2 Margaret McKenty (1850- )( Henry and Martha)  married BernardcRandle/McRandal
         on Feb 17 1870 at Feystown. bernard was a farmer at Craigy Hill farm near Dunteige. They had
         at least one child.. Hugh McRandle 1873- early 1950s

    2 Jane McKenty  Henry and Martha) married Alex McKay , James McKay bapt May
            18, 1878

  2 Mary McKenty  Henry and Martha) married Patrick McLoughlin

     Generation 3
Henry 1796-1888 and Martha McNeil McKenty 1805-1888.

   3   Martha McKenty (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) 1872- married W Simms moved to 
                        Winnipeg Canada then to California
                         Their Children
                               i Margaret
                              ii Kathleen
                              iii River Sims ..died at birth      

    3 Jane McKenty d 1955 age 79 (Henry, Neil,..) dau of Neil,  married Robert McErlean  
                (1869-1941). They had 11 children
                               i  John McErlean 1898 Feystown died at 9 ons
                             ii Henry (Harry)  went to USA in 1923, age 25 married Bridget Kelly
                            iii Margaret  1900-1995 married Frank McLarnon in 1923 went to USA
                             iv Colin Joseph McErlean Oct 8 1901Deer Park- Mar 1973 Larne married Robena
                                 Thompson Ran Con's bar in Balleymena. Con was the All Ireland Billiards
                                 Champion a couple of times 
                             v James 1904 feystown-1977 Larne,  married Eileen Kane Randallstown ,to USA
                           vi Patrick 1906Feystown-1968 Brooklyn went to USA married Peggy Quinlan in 1933
                          vii Malachy McErlean 1908, went to USA married Margaret Delargy, dau of Mary
                                Stewart Delargy Cushendall
                         viii  Gerald 1910Larne- 1985 , never married
                            ix Laurence 1913-1983 Coventry England, never married
                             x Eileen 1916 -2002 married Bob Rea,  Larne
                           xi Brian 1919 Larne- 1981  lived in Coventry UK

     3  Henry McKenty 1877-1962 (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) at aged 11 found his 
deceased grandparents. never married ..stayed on the old farm at Mullaghconnelly..ran a
           farming operation and a butchery

Moving on from the Coalpit brae we come to a level stretch of road known as McKenty’s level, so named after a local family who lived there in the past. This is the townland of Mullaghconnelly. One of the family, Henry McKenty, was a well known, respected and famous character. He built an abattoir here and ran a butchery business as well as an extensive farming operation. He had a novel way of keeping debt to a minimum. The names of debtors and the amount they owed was written on the inside of the back door of the horse-drawn butcher’s cart, so the information very soon became public knowledge and as the saying goes, got no smaller in the telling. Henry McKenty had the unfortunate experience, at a young age, of seeing both his parents pass away on the same day – 8th May 1888Moving on from the Coalpit brae we come to a level stretch of road known as McKenty’s level, so named after a local family who lived there in the past. This is the townland of Mullaghconnelly. One of the family, Henry McKenty, was a well known, respected and famous character. He built an abattoir here and ran a butchery business as well as an extensive farming operation. He had a novel way of keeping debt to a minimum. The names of debtors and the amount they owed was written on the inside of the back door of the horse-drawn butcher’s cart, so the information very soon became public knowledge and as the saying goes, got no smaller in the telling. Henry McKenty had the unfortunate experience, at a young age, of seeing both his parents pass away on the same day – 8th May 1888
From Altmore Street to the Headless Cross
The Glens of Antrim Historical Society
Anthony Mulvenna - 02/02/2002

      3 Margaret (Maggie) McKenty (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) 1879 married Dan 
             Matthews  Their children
                i Louisa,   ii Hester,  iii Daniel, iii Neal,  iv Alexander,  v Margaret, vi Winifred
         3 Charles McKenty 1882-1965  (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) married
            Mary O'Donnel, lived in Carnlough. Children
                    i Neil..never married  ii Eileen ..d Mar 14 1944
                  iii Rosaleen married Anthony O'Prey,  son Anthony
                  iv Patricia McKenty d 1996 daughter Maire

          3 John McKenty (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) married Minne Mullan 1926, no children

           3 Neil McKenty (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) married Molly O'Neill

          3 Alicia McKenty (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) married JP McGuire

         3 Rose McKenty 1897-1965 (Henry&Martha, Neil,..) married Henry McQuillan in 1922,
                no children

     Shane (John) McKenty (died 1820) and ......Shane was married at least twice. According to the memoirs of Mary McKenty Schmidt he was the father of Hugh from Amherst Island and John in Quebec. The children below, if correct,  appear to be from a later marriage. His will was registered in Glenarm in 1820
       i  Patrick
       ii Bernard
      iii John
      iv Sarah
       v Catherine (Kitty)
     vi Mary
    vii Hugh 

John and Sarah Darragh (Tickmacrevan) McKenty
  i  Ann Oct 1867
 ii John May 1870
iii Jas 1875
iv Mary 1880

John and Letitia Robinson McKenty
 i   John 1854
ii  Daniel 1862 sp Arthur Robinson and Margaret McKenty
iii Mary 1864
iv Catherine 1866                        
v  Patrick 1869


John McKenty and Catherine Thompson  married 1827
 i Rose April 1828 sponsors Robert and Ellen McLaughlin
ii Robert June 7 1830 sp Henry Magill

Shane(John) and Marie Hamil McKinty
i  Elenor 1826
 ii Daniel 1829
iii John 1830

John and Mary Mulvena McKenty
i  Hugh 1827 sp Alex and Ann Black
ii Rose 1826

John& Mary Magill McKenty married July 28 1828  
    i  John 1830
   ii Alex 1832 sp Alex Mckenty
  iii Neil 1834 sp Bernard McKenty and Rose McMullen
  iv Margaret Nov 27 1838 sp John Murray and Rose Darragh
   v Arthur 1839 sp Alex Glass and Mrs Henry Magill
  vi Patrick  April 6 1841 sp John Kennedy and Rose McKinty
vii Hugh 1842 sp Henry McKenty and Susan Kennedy
viii Margaret 1849
   ix Charles  Feb 25 1851 sp Mr & Mrs Alex McKenty of Creggan

 John(1803) and Sarah married 1841
  i  William 1843
 ii Mary 1847
 iii John 1849

 James and Jane (Jenny?) McNeil McKenty married Sept 1840 Glenarm RC church records
    i Mary Sept 21 1841 sp John Lynn and Martha McNeill
   ii Catherine 1845
 iii James 1847
 iv Margaret 1851
  v Anne 1852 sp Hugh McKenty and Catherine McNeill
vi  Jane 1852
vii Bernard 1854
vii Denis June 17 1858 sp John Conway and Ann (AMY?) McKenty


James and Catherine McNeill McKenty
 i John  1843 sp Bernard O’Neill and Mary Ann McAuley
ii Catherine 1845 sp Neil McKenty and M.A. McAuley

 James and Grace Doherty McKenty
   i John July 2 1826 sp Hugh Black and Jane McGillan
ii Elizabeth 1838..sp Mary Black
iii Catherine 1839 

Neil and Catherine McLaughlin married Nov 1843
    I Neil 1840

 Neal and Sally McKenty
i  Mary  sp Patrick Darragh and Mary Mulvena

Daniel and Jane McAnally McKenty
  i Ann  Sept 25 1831
 ii Francis 1834
iii Ellen 1837 Sp John McV**y
 iv John Aug 23 1840 sp Wm Duffin and sister
v Catherine 1846

Samuel McKinty married Elizabeth Stoddart Nov 1845 County Down

William McKinty married Margaret 1842 Larne ..This maybe the same couple who moved to Harvey Township  Ontario?
See Ontario Families

Alex and Jane Magill McKenty(Gortin)
  i Ann 1843
 ii Rose 1850 sp Neal & Ann McKenty of Gortin

 Alex and Ann McKenty married Ann (Hannah) June 6 1834. She  was the 3rd daughter of John Magill ..Reverend Bernard McAuley from Ballymena
  i John 1835 sp Henry Magill and wife
 ii Henry Aug 20 1836 sp John McKenty and wife
iii Hugh July 28 1838 sp Henry McKenty
 iv Patrick 1839 sp Patrick and M.A. Lynn
 v Neil 1844??? I'm guessing here . The Neil who moved to Ontario and married Margery Murphy, marriage registration says his parents were Alex and Hannah(Ann)

 Alex and Mary Robinson McKenty married Oct 1855
 i Margaret 1862 sp Wm McKenty and Mary Robinson

 Hugh and Helen Hamil McKinty m.1835 John McKenty& Henry McAuley witnesses
  i Catherine 1836
 ii Henry baptized June 29 1840 sp Arthur Morgan and Eliz Black
iii Jane 1844 sp Nancy Blaney and Catherine Black

 Hugh and Ann Black McKenty married 1838 Glenarm  R.C. church
  i John  1856 Midlothian Scotland

 Hugh and Catherine McKenty (Tickmacrevan)
i John 1867

 Captain (Hugh?) and Rose Murphy McKenty
  i Ann 1864  sp Neal and Ann Murphy
 ii Bridget 1866
There is record of Hugh and Rose in Canada, sponsors at the birth of

Nicolas Stewart and Margaret McKenty(alias Glass)   married October 10th 1840,
wts Daniel Galvin & Mrs. McKenty's sister.  Margaret had first married Alex Glass
(from Nappan outside Carnlough) on Jan 23 1836  Wts were Neil and John McKenty. 
 Alex died 1838 age 65

 Some Registered Deaths Carnlough/Glenarm

Shane Mckenty 1750-1820
Neal McKenty 1763- is buried with his wife Ally in Carnlough
Patrick McKenty d.Feb 8 1832?7 age 46
Nancy Mckenty buried Dec17 1837 age 50
Bernard McKenty died July 12 1837 age 23
John McKenty died Oct 9 1831 age 39

Marriages Carnlough/Glenarm

Francis McKenty & Sarah Crooks 1857
Alex McKenty to Margaret Robinson wts John Mckenty & James Robinson
Neal McKenty & Catherine McLaughlin 1843 wts Mrs McNeil
Nic? Stewart? To Marg McKenty(alias Glass) 1840 wts Mrs Mckenty & sister
Hugh McKenty to Elen Hamil wts John Mckenty & Henry McAuley 1835
John McKenty to Mary
Magill July 20 1828 
Charles Black married Ann McKenty


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