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This site was developed as a tribute to the bearded collies who share my life
and help me to keep my sanity in an insane world -
although beardies have been known to test their human's sanity!

We are the Bearded Collies who live with our mom Lois and dad John and who let them think that this is their house. Beardies came to Windheath in 1985 when mom brought Megan (Ch. Colbara Black Magic Moment) home as a nine week old puppy. There have been beardies here ever since.

We used to live in the city, but we moved to the country a few years ago. WOW! Is it great here. Boomer thought that mom bought him his own personal PARK.

Mom is a member of the Bearded Collie Club of Canada. That's a club for people who are owned by Bearded Collies like our mom is. You can find some really good information about beardies in Canada by visiting their site. But now, we would like to tell you who we are.

There are four of us here now: Rhys, Skye and Tegan and Casey. Mom says at times we are "trying", but we know that she wouldn't trade us for anything in the world! By visiting our site, you can find out about us and about what it means to have a bearded collie as part of your life.

See how happy our mom is
to have us around her!
Lois with Betsy, Summer, Robbie and Bailie
Besides being just normal beardies we participate in activities with our mom. Over the years we have competed in dog shows, worked at obedience and our favourite activity of all - we go herding. We invite you to visit our pages to learn all about us.


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