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History of Windheath Bearded Collies

It all began in 1985 when I was looking for a playmate for my two year old shepherd-retriever cross. Forever playful and active, I began the search for a breed to keep up with him. While I loved Pupper, I knew that I did not want a German Shepherd or a Retriever (Golden or Labrador). Being an academic, I started by searching through numerous books on dogs, but not seeing a breed that felt quite “right” for me. One day a colleague at work brought in a book. Going through the pages I came to one with this shaggy dog called a Bearded Collie and described as a playful, active, energetic breed. Loving the look of the breed, I thought to myself “here is the perfect playmate for Pupper”. I had never heard about a Bearded Collie before and certainly had never met one, so I found out when the local dog show was being held so I could meet a beardie! The very first beardie I met was “Strider”, BIS Can.Am. Ch. Cricket’s Constant Comment (out of Can.Am. Ch. Brambledale Boz JW ex Can.Am. Ch. Cricket’s Penny Royal). I was bewitched.

My search for a breeder lead me Barbara Blake of Colbara Kennels and there I met David (Brambledale Boz) and the Colbara beardies. As fate would have it, Barb had just had a litter that were two weeks old. After spending hours (and hours) with Barb, it was decided that I would be able to have one of the female puppies in the litter when old enough to go to a new home. This was Megan (Ch. Colbara Black Magic Moment). With this furry bundle of energy, with the mischievous twinkle in her eye, my journey with beardies was underway.

With Megan I entered my (and her) first dog show and attended my first herding instinct test - two interests that have prevailed to this day. We attended our first National Specialty (BCCC) together - with her taking first in her class. Megan was bred to Strider in 1988 and I kept a male puppy - Smokey (Ch. Windheath Smokey Mountain CD). His litter were the first to bear the name “Windheath”. In addition to conformation, Smokey and I did some obedience, with him earning his CD title. Another puppy from this litter was rehomed to me when he was 6.5 years old. This was Boomer (Windheath Magic Maverick HIC). It was with Boomer that my journey with herding truly began.. The first beardie at Windheath. Megan at two years lying on the grass

In 1991 Meggie (Ch. Sheiling D’Arque Spice) came to me as a 10-month old. She was the brown among the blacks (and convinced me that I should always have a brown beardie around). She was funny and loving and showed me that gates were to be jumped - not to be used to keep a beardie out of a room. I had to find a different method! From Meggie’s first litter I kept a male puppy, Robbie (Ch. Windheath’s Extra Spicy HIC, HCT, HT) and from her second litter a female, Betsy (Windheath Spice of Life HIC). Betsy had one litter before having to be spayed for health reasons. Her son, Bailie (Windheath’s Lively Spirit HIC) remained here. Kyla (Sheiling Windheath Angel Eyes HIC, HT) was my herding partner along with Robbie and Briana (Windheath Bright Angel) ws my joy.

This actually brings me to my current beardies: Tegan (Windheath Angelic Reflection), Skye (Windheath Bright Nite Skye), Rhys (Windheath Bright Reflection) and Casey (Philemon Blue Denim). Skye and Tegan were shown in conformation. Casey, remains a puppy regardless of his age!

The beautiful brown Meggie at twelve years old

You can meet each of my current Windheath beardies in their individual pages and you can meet all of the beardies who lived here and who are now at Rainbow Bridge. I have created a tribute page for each - since each of them were and are a part of me and a part of Windheath Bearded Collies.

Windheath Bearded Collies remains a small kennel where my beardies are first and foremost companions, then performance dogs. I breed a litter only occasionally. It is important to me that beardies have a sound temperament, good health, are true to type and have retained their instinct to herd - that they are able to do the jobs requiring a “hardy constitution and intelligence, initiative, strength, stamina, and speed." (as described in the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Bearded Collie standard).

I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and an active member of the Bearded Collie Club of Canada (BCCC).

Briana on the move



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