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Boomer's Park

Boomer standing in the years with trees in the background

On January 15, 2002, Boomer left his park to go to Rainbow Bridge.
Boomer's Park will always remain here as a tribute to a wonderful Beardie
who loved to be surrounded by the open fields, trees, flowers, birds, chipmunks,
and, yes, even the many things to explore.
This is Boomer's story about his park...

Welcome to my park!

In March 1998 mom got me my own park - grass, trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, so many things that belong in a park. We go for walks in the woods and on the grass - I get to sniff all the wonderful smells. The only problem is that I have to share my park with the other beardies...

In Canada we have four seasons and the birds and the grass are not always here. I would like to show you my park in the four seasons. Now, please join me on a brief tour of my park during the four seasons:

My Park in Spring:

Spring is such a welcome time of year in Canada. The warmth of the sun feels especially good after the cold days of winter. Here in the country the coming of spring really is as if a new morning has broken with all the hope and promise that this brings - new life comes to the earth.

Boomer looking at the daffodils which are beginning to grow

The first day of spring was this week.  The daffodils at the edge of my woods are starting to grow.

We will come back in a couple of weeks to see them again.

A mass of trilliums in the woods on our property The flower trillium is the official flower of the province of Ontario (where we live). Trillium like to live in a wooded area and Boomer's Park is a perfect place for them. We have trillium in other colours, but here are some of the white ones. Trillium is one of the flowers of spring.

My Park in Summer:

Summer in this part of Canada is wonderful. Long days and warm temperatures. We beardies can play from early in the morning until late at night. No lazy days of summer for us. My park is beautiful in the summer, as you can see.

House set among the trees This is the caretaker's (oops - mom's) house that is in the park. We live here.

The grounds man (OK, it's really dad) spends a lot of time mowing the lawn so that my park always looks beautiful.

Boomer looking at flowers along the fence

Here are some of the flowers in my park. I see a weed among the flowers.

I will have to speak to the gardener

Boomer sitting in front of the barn

This is the barn that is in my park.
As you can see it is nestled in among the trees.

I suggested to mom that the other beardies should live in this
very fine structure, but she just smiled and shook her head

My Park in Fall:

The house set among the trees with leaves changing to fall colours Here is my house in the fall. The leaves are changing their colours and are starting to fall from the trees. In the country we can sometimes get the scent of burning leaves (although people are not supposed to do that and my mom doesn't!)

My Park in Winter:

house covered in snow It is true; in the winter, we get snow in Canada... and beardies love snow!
 In the winter everything is covered in snow - even my house.
 But there are still squirrel in the woods and birds in the trees.
 There is much for me to do.
Boomer standing before the backyard fence in a snow-covered yard I am keeping watch over my park - I do this in winter too! Mom doesn't sit out on the bench in winter - I don't understand why not!
Snow bank tall than Bailie This snow bank is pretty high! Some winters we get a lot of snow!
I hope that you have enjoyed your tour of my park in the four seasons.
I love living in my park so much more than in the city!



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