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image005Fear of Dark Water

Lulu, 2015 ISBN 978-0-9937857-5-7

A Goblin Postman Chiller


Ever hear of Jenny Greenteeth? Thatís a kind of hag that lives in dangerous pools, so the folktales say. She grabs kids by the ankles and drags them down to drown. Of course we know how stories like that get started. They were invented to keep kids from danger. You know, the bogeyman strategy. ďDonít you play near that pool, or Jenny Greenteeth will get you!Ē


Only, suppose itís not a story? Suppose itís real?


Joís fear of dark water is not just fear, itís a full-blown, stomach-churning, paralyzing phobia. Determined to beat it, she dares to swim in this forest-shadowed pool, with its ink-dark surface that never reflects the sky.

Under the surface it isnít really dark, just dim and green. The surface glimmers overhead. Jo looks down. Silver minnows fan out from beneath her feet. Below them the green light fades into darkness. Deeper still, at the farthest edge of the light, a pale shape moves. Not a fish. Something larger. It rises toward her.



WibWillet cover for webpage.jpgWib Willett and the Tombstone Club
Lulu, 2014ISBN 978-0-9937857-2-6

A Goblin Postman Magical Mystery


People in Amstey say the old Morphy house is haunted, ďhas been for years. Everybody knows that.Ē Wib, who once lived there, knows only one thing. The house is not safe.


But all the rest is questions. Who are the three mysterious ďsistersĒ who live there now? Why does the telescope in the cupola show places impossibly far away and out of time? The black dog that prowls the house at night, who does it hunt? Top of the list, who and what is Henry? An imaginary childhood friend, a ghost, or something stranger?


None of that can keep Wib away from the old Morphy house. He and Henry need each other. Henry to get free of what has him trapped. And Wib to find something hidden in the house: something stolen that he must get back, or nothing will ever be right for him again.


SS cover sm med.jpgSally Sharp and the Corduroy Clue
Lulu, 2014ISBN 978-0-9937857-0-2

A Goblin Postman Teen Mystery


Itís a dream job ó a chance to model the fabulous outfits designed by Jones & Hewens for their new Corduroy Rose label. For Sally, Tasha and Fay, itís a way to end the summer on a high note before school begins. And it doesnít hurt a bit that head designer Peter Hewens is stunningly handsome in a dark and brooding style.


But a shadow has marred the glamour. A guest was killed during one of the showings at wealthy homes, and a series of thefts may be linked to the murder. And then Peterís young sister Valerie vanishes, leaving signs that convince the police of her guilt. Before she ďran awayĒ she asked Sally Sharp for help, but never had a chance to say why she was afraid.


At 17, Sally is already well known as a problem-solver. Suspecting that Val was set up, she takes the case. It pits Sally, Tasha and Fay against the police, against Peter ó who bafflingly refuses to cooperate ó and against a pair of vengeful teens who mean to bring Sally to a permanent and very unglamorous end.


Storm Watch
Lulu, 2015ISBN 978-0-9937857-4-0

A Goblin Postman Gothic Mystery

Storm Watch cover low res

Loyalty to a friend brings Cally Macdonald to green, idyllic Stone Face Island. But instead of sun and serenity she finds a bitter family conflict rooted in past tragedy, and a history of murder that goes back three centuries.


Despite her faith in her friend Sheila, and affection for Noel, Sheilaís twin, Cally is drawn to the grim, silent adopted brother, Matthew. The twins might have good cause to fear and hate him, but they arenít about to share their reasons.


Muddying the clear northern waters, Callyís charmingly unreliable ex-fiancť, Aubrey, has been hired as piano coach for Ginevra, a young girl crippled by a fall from the islandís cliff. And the memories of Ginevraís mother, killed on the island, and Mattís former girlfriend, last seen there, hang in the air like traces of ghostly perfume.


As the atmosphere of jealousy and suspicion intensifies, so does the heat, drought, and threat of forest fire. Violent incidents: a prowler in the moonless woods, a sabotaged canoe, a vandalized cottage, hint at approaching disaster. When the storm breaks, Cally will need all her courage and wits just to stay alive, and to save the lives of those she loves.


Lynx cover small.jpgLynx Leap
Lulu, 2013ISBN 978-0-9917814-6-1

Goblin Postman Chillers # 3


ďDrumbeats in the empty forest. No drummer: just the drums. Night falls, and the drums beat, and a shadow comes creeping out of the woods... Thatís how the killing always starts.Ē


Linnet shrugs off the lurid stories about Lynx Leap. But sheís a guest in the huge, decaying house in the north woods, and itís hard not to get spooked. Especially at night, when she hears drumbeats, and children crying. And when something stalks her in the stairwell and in the attic, with its menagerie of stuffed dead animals.


Her friend Mark is chasing other shadows. He believes his beloved Great-Uncle Lot, the last owner of Lynx Leap, was murdered. Before he died, Lot tagged Mark to find the truth behind the horror stories. Horrors that really happened, scattered across time, but with oddly similar details.


Digging deep, the two teens unearth an ancient crime that still has to be paid for. Lotís murder was the shock that woke the sleeping hunter. Unless they can end the cycle of death and vengeance, itís all about to happen again.


The Hangmanís Garden
Lulu, 2013 ISBN 978-0-9917814-4-7

Goblin Postman Chillers # 2


Hangmans Garden tiny.jpgNora Brooke drowned last year. Her heart stopped: long enough to leave, deep inside, a shadow of death that opened her to other shadows.


Coming to Holdfast Island for remedial school, Nora finds a garden in the woods: an old, overgrown prison yard. She enters by a gate that then vanishes, glimpses a restless figure who is suddenly gone, and finds thousands of blue flowers like eyes watching her.


She finds friends, especially irrepressible Jack McKie. And Adam: seen in the prison ruin and met underwater while swimming, when Nora nearly drowns again. A local boy, they think, until they learn of an old tragedy. Three teens died here: Ursula stabbed, Graham hanged, Adam drowned. Triple suicide? Or murder? Adam says he loved Ursula but lost her. Now heís bound here.


Questions multiply. Why does Nora sleepwalk, nearly to her death? Why is Jack suddenly accident-prone, like Graham? Who haunts the prison, where the warden, Adamís grandfather, was called the Hangman? What will happen if Nora sets Adam free?



RunMoonCvr med small.jpgRunning on Moonlight
Lulu, 2013 ISBN 978-0-9917814-3-0

Goblin Postman Chillers # 1


When Jessie and her friend Pete sneak into August Erasmusís lab, they mean to rescue his abused animals. Instead they find a boy in a cage. Horrified, they set him free, and Jessie promises to hide him.


The strange, pale boy is Augustís son, Lucan. He knows heís strange. He canít bear the sun, sleeps by day, bursts with energy by night, and can only digest raw blood. Like August, he has the family disease, he says: nothing sinister about it!


But sinister does describe Augustís lizard-like hounds, and the grey-faced servant who haunts Jessieís dreams ofher parentsí death.


None of it matters when she runs with Lucan under the moon. Her senses sharpen. Energy sizzles through her body. But deep down, a terrible hunger grows. She recalls how her blood mixed with Lucanís during the escape, when their cut hands clasped.


Lucan finally confronts August, but who wins? And Jessie, fighting to stay human, has only Peteís brave loyalty and her own new, untested powers to pit against the oldest, deadliest enemy of all.


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