Can Ch Castlegar Something Elsa

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DOB: July 27, 1999
OVC Hips & Elbows Clear,    Eyes clear at 7 weeks & annually

EOLBA 2004-Judge: Barbara Barfield, Scrimshaw
Best of Breed & Brood Bitch:
"Absolutely gorgeous, balanced yellow bitch. From her beautiful head and sweet, melting expression to her excellent front,
rear and tail it is difficult to fault her. One I would have loved to take home."
"My Best of Breed with 2 of her get. Beautiful and able to produce! What more could you ask for?"

Specialty winner, dam to Specialty winning and 5 finished Champions, Puppy Group winner, obedience and field titled get


HRLRC 2000
2nd 6-9 mos Sweeps- Nancy Arbuckle, Hunt Club
2nd 6-9 mos Regular Class-Laura Dedering, Folklore

LRCP 2000
4th 6-9 mos Yellow Regular- Joyce Brabban, Cambremer

LRCPV 2000
3rd 6-9 mos Yellow Regular- Jane Borders, Braemar

LRCPV 2000
4th 6-9 mos Sweeps- Chris Wincek, Kerrybrook

EOLBA 2000
3rd 9-12 Sweeps- Joan Calder, Amaranth
2nd 9-12 Regular- Judith Hunt, Windanna

LOC 2001
1st Open Yellow Bitch- Barbara Gilchrist, Blackthorn

ILRC 2001
2nd Novice Bitches- Jane Borders, Braemar

HRLRC 2003
3rd Bred By Exhibitor- Sheila Wallington, Balnova

LOC 2004
Final cut for BB- Janet Farmilette, Mijans

CLQ 2005
JAM- Val Walters, Ranbourne

Best Of Breed at EOLBA Specialty 2004- Barbara Barfield, Scrimshaw
See Elsa's Specialty winning puppies by Am Ch Lubberline Martingale here
and her winning photo also

Am Ch Lenches Teddy Bear
(UK Import)
Eng ShCh Sandylands My Guy
Eng Ch Kupros Master Mariner
Eng Ch/Am/Can Ch Lindall Mastercraft
Kupros Bridget
Sandylands Bramble
Eng Ch Squire of Ballyduff
Eng ShCh Sandylands Longley Come Rain
Lenches Tiptop
Eng ShCh Tibblestone The Chorister
NZ Ch Carpenny Chateau Cranspire
Sandylands Forever Amber At Tibblestone
Lenches Personality
Poolstead Pearl Barley
Lenches Peppermint
Can Ch Oaklea Sophie CGC
Can Ch Oakhouse Odiaeth For Hollyvale
(UK Import)
Oakhouse Offa
Oakhouse Origami
On A Prayer To Oakhouse
Oakhouse Odyle
Leronsa Hewie
Oakhouse Demerara
Over And Out At Oakhouse
(UK Import)
Naiken Eduardo Esquire
Eng Ch Kupros Master Mariner
Naiken Adisi
Withymead Serenade To Oakhouse
Oakhouse Offa
Withymead Miss Moppet

Pierry and Stan McLean
Priceville, Ontario