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Short stories appearing on this site:

1. Tracks in the snow;-Click here to read.

2. The Happiness that hurts;-Click here to read.

3. Timeless;-Click here to read.

4. Charon Catering -- part one;-Click here to read part one.

5. Charon Catering -- part two;-Click here to read part two.

6. Charon Catering -- part three;-Click here to read part three.

7. Charon Catering -- part four;-Click here to read part four.

8. Charon Catering -- part five;-Click here to read part five.

9. The Button;-Click here to read.

10. Fear of Deep Water;-Click here to read.

11. The Buried Boy;-Click here to read.

12. Remembering Carla;-Click here to read.

13. The Caged Seer;-Click here to read.

14. The Captive Sleuths;-Click here to read.

15. The Empty Man;-Click here to read.

16. The Memory Machine;-Click here to read.


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