Before 1871, States of the German Empire issued their own stamps.  This includes areas that
are currently in Poland.

Prussia 1861.  Much of Prussia is now in Poland

North German Confederation, which issued stamps from 1868 to 1871.  This example is postmarked WRESCHEN (December 30, 1870), is now Wrzesnia Poland.

As of January 1, 1872, German States began to use stamps of the Deutches Reich, although some states still issued stamps of their own.  The 3 and 15 Pfennig pictured above were in use from about 1900 until after the First World War.  See below for the General Gouvernment Warschau issue.

World War One German Occupation Issues

German stamps overprinted "Russisch Polen" were issued for areas of Poland taken from the Russians by the Germans.  They were replaced by General Gouvernment Warschau issues.

Yet other German stamps were overprinted "Postgebiet Ob. Ost" (Postgebiet Ober Ost- German Occupation, Eastern Command).  These were issued in 1916  and 1918 for use in the German occupied territories in the Baltics.  This included parts of Lithuania, which were incorporated into Poland after the 1918-21 War with Russia.

German Stamps with "Gen. Gouv. Warschau" overprint for use in German occupied Poland.  These were issued in 1916-17 and were in use up until the end of WW I..  These stamps were also overprinted with "POCZTA POLSKA"  and issued as Polish postage in 1918-19 click here for more info.
They were also used for local postage.

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