First Warsaw Issue.  Overprints on Warsaw local stamps of 1916 were issued as some of the very first stamps of the 2nd Republic.

Warsaw issued stamps of late 1918 - early 1919.  German occupation stamps, already overprinted with "Gen. Gouv. Warschau"  were  additionally overprinted "Poczta Polska" with bars canceling the German markings.  In Polish Fenigow denominations.  Also in this series, a 20 Fenigow value.
3 other stamps like these were also issued with an additional value stamped on top:
5 Fenigow on a 2 1/2 pf stamp, 5 Fenigow on a 3 pf stamp, and 25 Fenigow on a 7 1/2 pf stamp.


Poznan and Gniezno also used German stamps with overprints.  Poznan issues included a value in addition to the "Poczta Polska" overprint. This series included:
5 Fenigow on 2 pf,
5 Fenigow on a 7 1/2 pf,
5 Fenigow on a 20 pf,
10 Fenigow on a 25 pf and
10 Fenigow on a 40 pf stamp.
Two stamps were issued for Gniezno (without the words "Poczta Polska"):
A large reddish "5" on a 2 pf and a large green "10" on a 7 1/2 pf.

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