Battle of Pultusk, 1703 Apr 21


After defeating the Saxon army at Kliszów, Karl XII moved the swedish army to Warszawa. Here, he had full control over traffic in northern Poland, and the presence of the swedish army in the capital prevented any hostile polish resolutions from being passed by the senate. Karl XII had positioned a strong detachment under his trusty lieutenant-general, Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld, north of the city. Rehnskiöld proceeded to send out scouting parties to keep an eye on the Saxons.

The saxon army had been decimated at Kliszów, but had managed to escape with considerable numbers. August moved the remnants to the north-west and filled out the ranks during the fall of 1702 and winter of 1703. He had a strong detachment at Thorn in southern West-Prussia under Steinau's command. Steinau left in February with 8 horse regiments to take up a position at Pultusk.

When Rehnskiöld received reports of Steinau's whereabouts, he immediately informed Karl XII, who without delay joined him. The king was very eager to eliminate the saxon forces and he saw a chance to deal a severe blow to the saxon cavalry.

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