Battle of Pultusk, 1703 Apr 21

The Battle

The Saxon army was arranged in two lines, west of the town on a ridge with a an open field in front of them. In the dawn twilight, the swedes were approaching from the South with Buchwald's Dragoons in the lead. As the swedes arrived, Steinau had second thoughts and the left section of the line retreated hastily into Pultusk. Buchwald's dragoons pursued and the first squadron crossed the bridge at the heels of the last saxon squadron. Fierce sword fighting ensued through the streets. In the town square, the saxons decided to arrange themselves to meet their adversaries, but as soon as the swedish dragoons arrived, the situation changed. Buchwald and his dragoons charged and threw the saxons into disorder. The saxons were driven towards the eastern bridge, which proved to be a serious bottle neck. Here they had to put up a fight. Steinau and some of his cavalry managed to escape across the bridge, but the saxon units remaining in the town surrendered.

As the daylight increased, H I Ridderhjelm, who commanded the reserve, noticed that the saxon right section was withdrawing from the hill and ordered LtCol Gyllenstierna to attack with a detachment of around 300 men. At the same time Major C G Creutz was ordered to take his squadron from the town to attack the same formation. During the pursuit, the saxons lost many men.

In all, the saxons have been estimated to have lost around 500 men in killed and drowned. 758 men and 42 officers were taken prisoner. The saxon supply train and records were seized. Mj Gen Schulenburg was killed during the fight and Lt Gen Beust was captured by the King, while trying to hide in a water mill.

The swedes lost a Cornet and 20 men...

The saxon cavalry had been dealt a devastating blow and was now separated from the infantry stationed around Thorn in West Prussia, which was to become Karl's next objective...

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