This file contains all the where and what info for the squadrons.
This is a sample from the file, using HexWorkshop:


I have changed the colours for clarity. This is not how the data is presented. Nearly all the data is kept in long format, 4 bytes, with the lowest byte first and then successively higher bytes.

All the squadrons are arranged in the same fashion, but with different amounts of data.

The 31, followed by all the 2A is the name, spelled out in ASCII form. It is easiest to modify in the text part, where the 1 and ***** show.

Next, in black with a red box is the Squadron ID in Hexadecimal. Squadron 0x84 is #132, which is 1 Squadron.

This is followed by values: Type, Nationality and Quality.

Type........ 0=Bomber, 1=Fighter, 2=Recon, 3-Bomber/Recon
Nationality. 0=German, 1=French, 2=British, 3=US
Quality..... 0=Poor, 1=Fair, 2=Average, 3=Good, 4=Elite

Next we find the Aerodrome segment. First, in red, is the number of aerodromes which the squadron was stationed at.
Next, in the green box, is the actual list. They have been arranged by colour. Taking the first, F000 0000 0800 0000 0100 0000 7B07 0000, Aerodrome, Month, Date, Year.
In this case, Aerodrome 0xF0=Bailleul in Flanders, Aug 1st 1915. To figure the year, switch the 7B07 so that the last two digits are first, then goto Tools and choose Base Converter. In Hex, type 077B, and you will find that the decimal equivalent is 1915.
Just for clarity, the next three postings are:
St. Marie Chappelle, Flanders, Mar 29 1918
Clairmarais, Flanders, Apr 13 1918
Fienvillers, Flanders, Aug 5 1918

Next and last segment is Aircraft used and when. First, again in red is the number of different A/C used, in this case 6.
Next, enclosed in dark red boxes are the different planes.
First in green is the plane type. 0x13 is the Morane Saulnier "N". Next in light blue, the introduction of the plane, in this case Aug 1 1915 and then in dark blue the last day of operations for this plane, Mar 8 1916.


This is a simple pointer file, which only contains 2 bits of info: SqdnID and SquadronName. The RecordNumber value is at offset 0x20 and SHOULD read FF00. THe data starts at 0x64 as usual and has SqdnID in Long format (2 bytes), followed by the squadron (or Ace) name. Any spaces are filled by Null or 0000 values. The text part is a maximum of 36 bytes.