Notice the scheme on the Aviatik C.I! Isn't it terrible?
This file is the Hexadecimal version of the list of .BMP files listed in Rb.vol.
This is a sample from the file, using HexWorkshop:

In the "header" we have one VERY important bit of information. The number of records in the file. If this value is not changed as you go along, the bitmaps at the end of the file will be ignored. We will look at how this header works: AF17 0400 0100. Starting with AF17, this is the Number of Records in the file (17AF). 0400 is the record length in bytes (4), and 0100 is variables per record (1). In Filelist this value is 1 and in Except.DAT it is 2 (one bitmap being replaced by another). To arrive at the number of records after you are done adding bitmap names, you have to do the following:
1. Put the cursor right after the last digit in the file ( - at the very end of the file).
2. Note the offset number at the bottom of your screen.
3. Bring up a HexCalculator under Tools, and enter this number. (trying to figure it out via decimal system is a veritable pain).
4. Subract 64 (Hex) from this number. You will notice that the first Fokker bitmap name starts at 000064
5. Divide by record length, in this case 4.
6. Enter the result, but with the low and high bytes switched. In the above case the calculator result would show 17AF, but you enter AF17 into the file.

Now for the bitmap names:

Starting at Offset 64, we have 1000 0003. By switching the bytes from front to back we get: 03 00 00 10, which corresponds to 03000010.bmp.
This is the filename for the Texture for Fokker E.III, Fuselage, Jasta 10.
Don't let the 10 corresponding to Jasta 10 trick you into believing that it is that simple. No, it is actually 0x10 in Hexadecimal, which is #16.
Next is 1200 0003, Fuselage for Jasta 12.
The first number in a dark red box is a bitmap that I added into my file. Originally, there was no scheme at all for Jasta 16, even though it uses Fokker E.IIIs. It used the 041x numbers explained farther down.
The second number in a red box is my attempt at including the scheme for E.Udet. So far no luck.

The file then goes on to 1003 0003.
By shuffling the bytes we get 03 00 03 10 or 03000310.bmp which is the texture for the middle wing, upper surface, Jasta 10.

This goes on down the list of appropriate parts:

01=Upper Wing, top
02=Upper Wing, bottom
03=Middle Wing, top
04=Middle Wing, bottom
05=Lower Wing, top
06=Lower Wing, bottom
09=Elevator, top
0A=Elevator, botttom
0B=2nd Elevator, top (Only for Hannover CL.III, The Handley Page O/400 double tail plane is HARD CODED)
0C=2nd Elevator, bottom (Only for Hannover CL.III)
0D=Upper Wing, bottom (from cockpit)
0E=Upper Wing, bottom (damaged, from cockpit)

The last sequence of numbers was figured out by Scott Mayger and he was kind to inform me:
All the 041x numbers are default schemes used by RB2 for squadrons which have no schemes specified in Filelist or Except specifically. The x corresponds to the second digit in the part number. Thus 0412  is the upper wing bottom. Some of the planes also have  001x, 011x, 021x or 031x. Here the 0..3 correspond to nationality, where:


The second bright red number is the first Aviatik Scheme for Squadron 0x3F, #63 or FA 1. Notice that the 0003 has become 0103.


This is a VERY important file. It is the reference for RB2 to tell what squadrons and aces have what A/C for paining purposes. For some reason there is a slight glitch in the Fokker E.III section and if you scroll through the schemes in Paint Shop, it will DTD when you get past Immelmann. So DON'T.
The header is again at 0x20 and has record number, record length and variables/record. the latter are 5 and 2. The data, starting at 0x64, is in the following format:
0000 0000 10   0000 0000 12. PlaneID in Long format and SqdnID in Byte format. These IDs are outlined on the Lists page