This site was designed to give the uninitiated a chance to do the following:

1. Implement paint schemes for non-flyable planes.
2. Correct currently used (or not) paint schemes.
3. Make various adjustments in the appearance of RB2.

This site remained unchanged for 5 years, and any time I wanted to fold it, there was an outcry.
The time has come, however, for CHANGE. And changes there will be over the next few months.

Explanation to the buttons below:
Squadron.DAT is a file with all the info on different squadrons, such as Name, Type, Deployment and Planes used.
Filelist.DAT is a file with all the bitmap files for the planes - for ALL the squadrons and aces using them.
Except.DAT is a file with references for squadrons with unknown or identical schemes. They replace one bitmap with another.
Pilots.DAT is a file with info on Aces.
Campaign.DAT is the campaign file layout. This is a work-in-progress and not by any means complete
Lists is no file. It is a list of all the Squadrons, Aces and Aircraft in RB2.
Sound Table is a list of the .wav files in use by RB2.
Development is a page with the WIP of Campaign Manager II, slated whenever I get it done. Page NOT available
How to... is a walk through on how to implement the now gained knowledge.

For best result with the plethora of patches around, I suggest the following:
1. Download all patches in the following list.
2. Install the Sierra/Dynamix official patch and patch (fixes a few MMP issues);
3. Install Campaign Manager (CM);  (There is a new Campaign Manager in the makong. Follow its progress here.
Install ALL the following patches through the CM:
4. Install any patches that you want installed. Make sure they don't conflict with each other.

After downloading, unzip and READ any ReadMe.txt. In there, you will find instructions on how to implement the patches.


2004 01 20 Back in the Saddle again. Making  a new section: Development. Here, you will find the progress of Campaign Manager II and its components, some of them built as individual utilities.Not online yet.

Archived News. No, you are not supposed to be able to read it.
1999 07 23 EM2 Release 1 has been posted. Just press EM1 Update button above.
1999 07 21 I'm back in the saddle. Waiting for the updated EM patch, which I will then post here.
On a completely separate note, Hew Workshop 3.0 is due in August-September. If you purchase v2.54 now, you'll get 3.0 for FREE. I have No idea where the payment goes, and I actually thought HexWorkshop was a dead product...
1999 05 29 Posted the UPDATE to EM1, where landing gear have been moved to better approximate ground characteristics of the planes, and reducing silly nose-overs.
1999 05 26 Posted Extended Model version 1.0. If you have problems finding it - It's the BIG button above...
1999 04 01 (Not an April fool's joke): My pages had to move due to server congestion at Golden Triangle (My ISP). Please update links to  http://home/golden/net/~ksharman/rb/Main.html .
1999 03 28 Added a counter to see if I can qualify for ads on this page. Everybody else has ads, and I can't figure out why Ishould loose out on that deal...
So please visit often, and I'll try to bring some life back to this site. Links page has also been updated. I need 5000 hits per month...
1998 12 13 New shell music for French and British. Can be found at the UOP site. Files (2 each) run between 1 and 2 Meg. Zipped.
1998 12 08 Waited long enough? See that HUGE button just above? Need I say more?
1998 12 05 Map page added, but it is at Xoom. Just press the button.
1998 11 11 [Remembrance Day] 2.7 has been posted at this site (Finally!!). 3.0 is slow in the coming. I'm finishing up some stuff in the german section, while Scott Mayger (BvB) is finishing up the RFC. Warning!!!  2.7 removes quite a few german squadrons and replaces them with french escadrilles. Look at ReadMeFirst to find out if this is palatable.
1998 10 06 We have an alternative patch for those who believe that a 30 or more victory ace merits inclusion over some 6 victory ... Anyway, you know what I mean. Patch 2.6 deals with this incoherency. For discussion on the Ace topic, visit the Delphi flight sim forum.
1998 09 01 FINALLY. I have something to post. Beery has updated his Patch to 2.5. It includes several corrections that will please historians and grognards. As for you who are not grognards it will be a lesson in history... A Word of warning: If you have put a "custom" squadron at ID 0xBD, you will loose it, since the patch places 4 Sqdn AFC at that ID and will overwrite your changes.
1998 06 22 Added Icky's sound table. Patch still not ready... It will be just over a MEG in size. Lots of new bitmaps.
1998 06 15 We are hard at work with Patch 3.0. It is near completion. What's in it? Many scheme tweaks; "insignia" added to some british squadrons; some historical corrections; Campbell put back in and bitmap references thoroughly redone (thanks to Scott Mayger aka BvB). You wouldn't believe the mess we sorted out! How about this for an example: There is a default scheme in RB2 for a Salmson 2a2 in Esc 49. Esc 49 is a fighter squadron and have no Salmsons in the game. Why is it there? 3.0a will come out shortly after 3.0 and will have Beery's revamped Aces. This is by no means mandatory. If you don't like the variety that this brings, just download 3.0. Simple, eh?
Remember: These changes are NOT implemented by Sierra/Dynamix in the 3D patch. When you get that patch, you will again be chasing those danged swans. (french BE2)
1998 06 07 New Patch v2.3. Adds even more tolerable paint schemes. Also some minor tweaks to the data. A Word of warning: If you have put a "custom" squadron at ID 0xBD, you do NOT want to use this patch, since it places 4 Sqdn AFC at that ID and will overwrite your changes.
1998 06 02 New Patch v2.0. Adds many more tolerable paint schemes for german 2-seaters. In the works are making the list of squadrons that show up in Paint Shop match the planes available in the Squadron lists. Right now they don't match very well. This will be added as soon as I finish it. It is a LOT of work.
1998 05 30 New Patch v1.1. Gets rid of silly names and black F.E.2b. Also some minor tweaks. On a less exciting note: My Campaign page has some minor additions to it. And My Personal Page has been updated.

For best results, I recommend HexWorkshop. It is worth the $20. Since the company seems to be defunct, contact me if you have any problems with it.

A very special thanks goes to Steve Belanger for supplying PROPER bitmaps for the planes.
Another acknowledgment goes to "Toado" for figuring out the "03060a2f.bmp", etc files and the codes for the different plane parts.
A HUGE acknowledgment goes to Jukka Siponen for digging up file names such as Snames.DAT, PlaneSq.Dat and FNames0.DAT.

EMail Sygrod if you have questions or additional info.