This file contains info for the Aces.
This is a sample from the file, using HexWorkshop:


I have changed the colours for clarity. This is not how the data is presented. All the data is kept in long format, 4 bytes, with the lowest byte first and then successively higher bytes. The name, having uneven number of bytes, shifts the data 1 byte per Ace so that the data can be confusing.

All the aces are arranged in the same fashion, but with different amounts of data.

The segments in Cyan (light blue) colour belong to other pilots in the list. I chose Haegelen because he has a short enough record to give a good overview.

First, in red is the Ace number. On the Lists page, you will find that number correspond with the Hex AceID minus 0xC0. Thus AceID C9=09 and DC=1C, etc.
Next is unused (as far as I know now), followed by Nationality. 00=German, 01=French, 02=British, 03=US
This is followed by a strange set of 5 numbers. At first glance they seem just odd, but on closer examination we find that each Long number translates into a very even decimal number. By re-arranging the bytes front-to-back we get:
Hexadecimal Decimal
00013880 = 80000
00011170 = 70000
00012110 = 74000 (Marksman accuracy. High value=short, well aimed bursts; Low value=long not very well aimed brursts)
00011170 = 70000
00011170 = 70000

If anyone can figure out what they stand for - drop me a line...

The next segment, with the yellow background, is the name.

Next, in the blue box, is a list of squadrons Haegelen was assigned to. In this case, in red, the first number tells us that there are 3 records. These records are arranged Month,Date,Year,Squadron:
Mar 8, 1917 - Esc 3 (6D)
Mar 11, 1918 - Esc 100 (5E)
Dec 1, 1918 - Grand squadron above (FF) - For those who survived the war, this date is always Dec 1, 1918.

Next, in the green box, we find what ranks Haegelen held. There are again 3 records:
Apr 1 1916, Corporal - also enlistment date.
Jun 1 1917, Sergeant
Jul 1 1918, Sous-Lieutenant

In the red box we find the "Kill List". He had - no, not 16 kills but (1x16)+6 kills=22. The first kill, on May 27, 1917 (0x1B=27) he bagged an enemy bomber (PlaneID 16)

In the last segment we find his medals. 2 of them:
July 8, 1917 - Médaille Militaire (07)
July 1, 1918 - Legion d'Honneur (06)

More details will be added to this page as I collect them.
Most of the credit for this page goes to Lagrange who, using info by Ian Cooper is correcting the Aces' info and will have a ..."patch!!" ready soon.