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Please Click below to read my Tribute to Greg Moore.

A Tribute to Greg Moore

Picture of Greg

This is a poem my mom wrote for me, I hope you like it.

I look up to heaven beyond the skies

Through my tear filled eyes

The pain in my heart runs deep

God has taken you away Greg Moore

Wonderful recollections I will keep.

Autographs and T shirts hang upon my wall

Photographs and posters no matter how small

Unforgotten you will be-everlasting in time

These are my keepsake treasures Greg

Your memories are all mine.

I never missed a race you run

Taped them all-cherished the ones you won

Wrote stories, drew pictures all about my friend

I will continue to do so Greg

Even though your racing has come to an end.

In art I made a Player's kite you see

A race car driver I also want to be

So please look down from the heavens up high

Here's my gift to you Greg

My kite soaring through the sky.

I will never forget-no duration of time

Ever protect you in this heart of mine

You'll always be there to listen-but I need to say

You're one of God's Angels now Greg

A Tremendous loss-we all have to pay.

Written by: Diane Sitt

I wanted to include this to my website because I thought that what my mom did for me was a really nice tribute to Greg. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Greg smiling for the camera Greg having fun on his scooter Side view of Greggie

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