POCZTA 1933 - 1939

1933- 80 gr.  400th anniversary of Veit Stoss, sculptor.  1.20 zl-  250th anniversary of Jan III Sobieski's victory over the Turks at Vienna, 1683.

1933- Left: 700th anniversary of Torun.  Also issued in red.  Right:  15th anniversary of Independence.  The Independence Cross shown on this stamp was a very high decoration of the 2nd Republic.

1934:  20th anniversary of the Pilsudski Legions.  A 30 gr. in brown also issued.  The 25 gr. was also re-issued in 1935 with a red overprint "Kopiec Marszalka Pilsudskiego" after Pilsudski died.
A 15 gr. general postage stamp of the 1932 issue was also overprinted in black.

1935:  Death of Jozef Pilsudski.

1937:  Marshall Smigly-Rydz, President Ignacy Moscicki.

1938:  Partial set of landmark moments in Polish history.

1938:  Recovery of Cieszyn (Teschen) from Czechoslovakia, which held part of Cieszyn since a 1920 plebiscite.  See Disputed Territories page.

1939:  Zakopane ski meet.  4 values in this set: 15, 25, 30 and 55 groszy.

1939:  Last stamp issued by the 2nd Republic.  25th anniversary of the Pilsudski Legions.

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