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Mission Statement
To promote through education the intrinsic value of all human life from conception to natural death and to encourage the pro-life presence in our community.

Volunteer Opportunities
Board of Directors, Speakers, Walkers for Prayer Vigils, Mailout preparation and more.

Please contact our office at 519-746-5433 if you are interested in volunteering.



Memorial Day 





We mourn the loss of over 3 1/2 million children

aborted in Canada since 1970


Sunday October 2nd 2011 2pm-3pm

In front of Grand River Hospital King St.


Bring your family, friends,

and hold a sign along King St. in silent prayer


A short memorial service will be held at 2:50pm at the memorial site with a wreath, candles, letters and poems for babies lost to abortion

We remember the millions of lives lost to abortion and the effects on their parents, families and the nation


Call KW Right to Life 519.746.LIFE




It’s a double crime

The RECORD Article June 18, 2011

Our research shows at least five pregnant women in Canada have been killed in the past few years, with convictions of one count of murder each. A woman who was pregnant was killed in Kitchener recently. The Canadian Criminal Code states that a fetus is a “human being” when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.

A double charge of murder could be a deterrent for crimes against a woman and her unborn child. Affirming the value of the unborn baby would also affirm the value of the mother’s life because she died wanting to bring her baby to term.

Recent fetal homicide bills have failed, even with two-thirds of Canadians wanting at least some protection for unborn human life, according to a 2009 Environics poll. The law should balance the rights of the preborn baby and the rights of the mother.

Are these incidents relevant to the abortion debate? A recent study found that 64 per cent of aborted women felt pressured by others leaving them “no choice” but abortion, says the Elliot Institute. The right to make “her own choice” would affect the rights of women in a positive way.

Criminal Law has to do something more substantial to help pregnant women at risk from abusive relationships. Women need a law that protects them and allows them to bring their babies to term safely. Informed consent laws could screen those at risk of abuse and pressure to abort.

Jane Richard

K-W Right to Life President





RE: “He’s got it all wrong”

Terry Polevoy M.D. – July 4, 2001 The Record


As Dr. Terry Polevoy (Acne&SkinCare) wished, here are the facts.

First, research indicates that abortion is not safe and risk free, especially to those with certain risk factors (e.g. substance abuse, depression)(1) and it is seriously under-reported(2).

Second, the book “Women’s Health after Abortion – The Medical and Psychological Evidence” – 2002 based on 500 articles in medical and other journals, shows risks of breast cancer, infertility and uterine perforation(3). Even the British Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists acknowledges those risks(4) and approved Dr. Joel Brind’s finding of 1996, that revealed 30 studies showing a 30% elevated risk for breast cancer after the first abortion(5)(6).

Third, an Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons study of 41,039 women with abortion reported in the American Journal of Medical Quality – 2001, a 4 to 5 times increased risk of post-abortion hospitalization for re-infection, psychiatric care or surgery(7).

Fourth, it is a scientific fact that a fetus is a human being, recognized by both embryologist Professor K. Moore, U of Toronto(8) and the late abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson(9) , making abortion not only a very risky medical procedure but an act of willful killing (4 million in Canada – since 1969(9)), making it a moral issue as well, whether legalized or not.

However, Dr. Polevoy is either ignorant of the above facts or chooses to ignore them. Sadly, his narrow anti-life views blind him to the very real suffering by the mother and the child within, whose only voice is too often a silent scream(10).

Dr. Andrew Caruk

Kitchener, Ontario Phone: 519-579-0020

References: see TheRecord.com

5 July, 2011



References (please include the above footnotes and associated references in “TheRecord.com” so there are no further accusations of “fabrication”)


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OH 44212 www.amport.com 1-800-736-4567

Keep Charity Banners

Re: Charity banners come down in Waterloo — March 22

KW Right to Life has purchased overhead banner space from the City of Waterloo public works for over 15 years. Like more than 30 other charities, we were disappointed about the cancellation of banners in 2011 due to the structural integrity of the poles. Banners provide needed affordable awareness for events that support non-profit organizations.

Last September KW Right to Life’s application for banner space was promised no commitment for 2011. Since that time public works staff began reviewing the various aspects of providing the service and determined that changes regarding who would and would not be allowed to purchase banner space be applied to the new policy.

Discontinuing the service to purchase overhead banner space due to the poles ignores a significant issue. It is my opinion the integrity of the decision-making process for a banner policy was compromised based on belief systems. This may have resulted in denying KW Right to Life and other charities the availability of purchasing future banner space. Mandates of any charitable organization will always infringe on someone else’s opinion. Tolerance bears this realization and helps build up communities.

The City of Waterloo should have maintained the valuable tradition of allowing registered charities the availability to purchase banner space for their events. All charities that follow the Policy Statement of Canadian Charities should be given equal opportunity by the City of Waterloo.

Jane Richard - KW Right to Life President Kitchener

The RECORD Article March 30, 2011

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Looking Ahead

40th Anniversary 2012

2012 will be an important year for KW Right to Life. It is the 40th year of operation for our non-profit charity, KW and Area Right to Life. We hope to feature some of the highlights of the past throughout the year. It will be exciting to look at past people and events that have made the organization what it is today. How we have changed the course of many lives and were instrumental in changing public opinion in this area.

We plan to engage those from the past and present to relate their experiences at various venues and events such as the anniversary dinner and auction. If you would like to relate how you helped, please contact the office at 519.746.5433.


International Plowing Match 2012

We are planning to take part in the International Plowing Match IPM September 18—to the 22nd of September 2012 that will be held in Roseville near Kitchener. This is a huge event that will provide tremendous exposure with over 150,000 people in attendance. We will invite surrounding pro-life groups to help with the event as well as fundraising for the display and handouts. At the last IPM we attended at Listowel for 1 day we handed out over 1000 pieces of literature.

Many people stopped to look and chat. If you would like to be involved with the planning please call 519.746.5433


 A Great Project by a Great Knight

  Jerry Goetz from the Maryhill Knights of Columbus has erected a beautiful memorial to the unborn on the grounds of St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church, Maryhill ON

Inscribed on the sign:

Each cross represents over 350,000 babies & mothers victimized by surgical abortion in Canada since 1974. Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Jeremiah 1:5

Statistics provided by KW RTL


Abortion Statistics: As of 2009, the number of abortions world wide were 41.6 million a year. That ‘s 113,973 each day.

Abortions in Canada from 1974 are 3,445,905. These numbers are the abortions that are reported only. Some Clinics do not report statistics. Second and third trimester abortions are not widely reported however they do occur when the child is viable.



Call 519.746.5433


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If you are dedicated to the cause and would like to be actively involved in directing and planning pro-life activities, we need your expertise.


As a Member you may find interest in one of the following areas:


 Membership & Data Entry


 Newsletter & Website

 Field Coordinator for Community Events

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