Windheath Bearded Collies


Skye at 7.5 weeks old.
Windheath Bright Nite Skye
Date of birth:  May 1, 2009
Skye at 8 weeks old
Here I am at 8 weeks old.
Mom has trouble getting a photo in focus of me -
I move too fast!
Skye at 13 weeks old
Mom finally got a photo in focus of me moving!
Skye is now 6 months old.
I'm now six months old. Mom thought she had a good
photo of me, but I fooled her (notice the leaf in my beard)
Skye investigating the leaves
I'll help you move these leaves...
Skye running in the snow.
At 9 months old, I just love the snow!!!
Skye playing with a toy
I love playing with toys - this is my scary spider!
Winter 2011 - Skye in the snow.
It is winter again. I stopped for one second
and mom took this picture!
Skye watching what her mom is doing.
What are you doing, mommy?



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