Windheath Bearded Collies


Rhys at 7.5 weeks old
Windheath Bright Reflection
Date of birth:  May 1, 2009
Rhys at 5 weeks old.
I am 5 weeks old and outside for the first time.
I am checking the things to get into first!
Rhys at 8 weeks old
Here I am at 8 weeks -
I stopped long enough for mom tho get this picture.
Rhys at 18 weeks (4 months) old.
I am now 4 months old and am on the move.
Rhys is exploring the autumn leaves
At six months old, I am a handsome lad who poses
for photos (see photo on the left), but I would rather
be exploring the autumn leaves.
Hello mommy!
It is fun to hang over the back of the couch.
I am now 9 months old
A cool dude!
Today I am one year old.
I am a cool dude
Rhys is a happy boy!
At 19 months old, I am a happy boy!
winter 2011 - Rhys in the snow
January 2011 - there's snow in my yard!



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