September 1997 to Januaury 2017

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Four pictures of Pooka, our cat, at 8 weeks old.  Photos taken by Pat


Four pictures of Pooka at 7 to 9 months old - almost an adult cat. Photos taken by Pat

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Two October 1998 pictures taken by Pat 


Two pictures of Pooka take in May 2004.  Photos taken by Eric

Pooka under Christmas tree 2011


Pooka January 2012


Pooka Christmas 2013

Pooka at 17 keeps me company while I edit her page Oct 2014



Pooka euthanized January 8, 2017

Pooka spent from Christmas to Epiphany either on Pat's hospital bed or under it. She was fine when James and I left for Church early January 8th and after we got back from breakfast. Then we went to plan Pat's funeral and after we got home mid afternoon she was meowing in great pain at the top of the stairs James and I noticed she couldn't put any weight on her left rear leg. We took her to Emergency Vet Services. After an x-ray we told she had a break high up the leg near where it joins the back bone and needed orthopedic surgery which, given her age and weakness of the bones had only a slim chance of healing her. The vets recommended we put her down rather than send her to Guelph for $6000 surgery which would not releave the pain and discomfort.Pooka is in peace with Pat now.