"Nashira" - a 1978 Matilda 20

I purchased this boat on September 6, 2003 for $3,000 (Canadian). There was no motor, no working instruments or electrical system and it needed some minor repairs before I could put it in the water. Previously, I'd spent my time in a CL14 so taking the Matilda 20 out was a big change for me. For instance, I could move from one side of the boat to the other without tipping it over!

My family, although they enjoy an afternoon out on the water, aren't quite as avid as I am when it comes to sailing so I won't be heading out on a world cruise anytime soon. However, we do spend the odd night on the boat and who knows, we might even get out for a weekend sometime soon.

There are some great Matilda resources on the web. Here are a few.

Here are some pictures of my own Please feel free to send me a note at "steved @ golden . net" (take the spaces out)

"Nashira" by the way is Arabic for "bringer of good tidings" (or similar translation). My wife and I hope that she lives up to her name.