"Nashira" - Repairs

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Here's the keel housing with the top panel removed. The 4 pulleys that run the lifting cable have been removed for repair and lubrication. When I received the boat, 2 of them were seized and one of the supporting brackets was broken.
Here are the pulleys and the broken bracket. The 2 at the bottom of the picture were the ones that were seized.
Thanks to my wonderful welding brother in law (nice to have family that does marine welding for a living), the pulley bracket for the keel has been fixed and everything is back together again.
16Jun2004: More problems discovered. This is the exit block that leads the keel cable onto the winch. As you can see, the pulley in it is worn right through to the shaft. I've ordered a replacement and hope to have it soon.
16Jun2004: I also discovered that several of the bases for the railing were cracked like this one. Luckily, these are still available and I've replaced the problem ones.
16Jun2004: I took the pressure washer to the grey wood and low and behold, it was brown underneath. I put a few coats of tung oil on it (and then was told that tung oil was not the best choice) and the wood looks beautiful again. You can also see the missing exit block in this picture just about the keel winch.
I installed a new bow eye.