"Nashira" - Interior/On The Hard

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Here she is, sitting patiently in the driveway.
The port settee
The starboard settee
Here is the table in it's stored position.
And here's the table set up. My one complaint is that the table is quite far from the benches requiring one to lean forward to eat. I already can't get my 8 year old to eat over the table, this is going to be impossible. I may try to add some fold up leaves or something to it.
Here's where the head should be. I removed the old recirculating (yuck!) toilet that came with the boat and will be replacing it with a fresh water flushing portable toilet. I won't often be at pump out facilities so a removeable grey water tank makes more sense for me.
And here's the evil critter himself - abandoned. Long gone to the dump now.
The V-berth. The panel that covers the front compartment has been removed for repair. Nothing major, just a bit of rotten wood. The rotten wood is probably a result of water leaking in from one of the attachments on the deck. I went out and sat in the boat one rainy day and found 5 places where water was leaking in through windows and fittings.
On the aft wall of the V-berth there are storage shelves. On the port side, you can also see the back of a cupboard which opens over the sink in the galley. I suspect this is not the original unit since the wood work is very different from the rest of the boat.

You can also see that I have an extension cord running to the galley light. It's 110 v and just has the wires coming through the wall and ending with a plug. Again, not original equipment I suspect.
On the starboard side, there is just the original storage area.
The simple galley has an ice box and a small sink with a hand pump. The pump wasn't working when I bought the boat, but once I cleaned all the bugs and stuff out of the nozzle, it worked fine. I suspect I will eventually replace the sink with a deeper stainless steel model.

The shelf on the right opens to reveal the storage area I refered to in the V-berth discussion. In contemplating the whole wall behind the sink, even more storage of this type could be put in.
Under the sink is a small storage area. The plumbing just drains into the keel housing so I guess I better find some environmentally safe soap.
On the stern the is what looks like a replacement motor bracket (judging by the extra holes in the transom) and a swim ladder.
Underneath can be seen the drop keel and the big chunk of lead stuck to the end of it. This one could sure use some paint. You can also see the speedometer sensor. I haven't tested it to see if it works yet. As with the rest of the boat, the wiring is a shambles and not functional
16Jun2004: The original "electical" system consisted of the simple toggle switch seen in the top of this picture. It turned the running lights on and off. The two 12v interior lights have their own internal switches and were wired directly to the battery. No fuses anywhere. So I installed this small electrical panel (that I picked up and Canadian Tire for all you Canadian folks). I used the toggle as a master switch and then created circuits for running lights, interior lights, bilge pump and accessories. There wasn't a bilge pump in the boat when I bought it, but I've since added one. The "accessories" is just a double 12v socket I installed in the cabin for plugging in and 12v things we might have. All 4 circuits are fused. The panel is in the little hole just aft of the port quarterbirth.