Set amid the glittering, bawdy, and intrigue riddled society of Elizabethan England and based on the real-life heroine Elizabeth Hardwick, A Woman of Passion tells the story of a beautiful, ambitious commoner who rises to the position of lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth the first and loves four very different husbands along the way. Vowing to put poverty and powerlessness behind her, fifteen-year-old Bess Hardwick takes a suitable position at the London home of a wealthy noblewoman. There she is plunged into an exciting new world of riches and privilege, and makes the aquaintance of friends, potential enemies, and powerful men who will change the course of her life. Among them are Elizabeth, an uncommonly shrewd yet lonely princess who would become an indomitable queen; charming and dangerously seductive William Cavendish, the King's ambitious financial advisor, who is determined to have Bess at any cost save marriage; the adoring, tenderhearted Robert Barlow; the proper and dutiful aristocrat Sir William St. Loe; and George Talbot, the devilishly handsome heir to the earldom of Shrewsbury, whose wicked daring ignites in Bess the passion of a lifetime.

A Woman of Passion