Wild Hearts
Experience the sweeping seduction of a classic romance from the one and only Virginia Henley.
On Tabby Lamont's very wedding night, a daring Scottish lord known as the "Rogue" sweeps out of the night to snatch her from the clutches of the wealthy scoundrel who means to make her his wife.  Frightened--and furious--she is held hostage in the splendor of the Rogue's Border castle, where she cannot escape his charms.  She swears never to submit to his bold desire but, trapped in a dangerous game of power and conquest, Tabby needs an ally.  Her brazen attempts to bewitch her captor misfire when her anger melts into need and carries them down a path of sweet seduction.  While dark secrets from the past threaten to sweep her away, so does the promise of a blistering, passionate love that could join two wild hearts forever.