Virginia Henley    
4-1/2 Stars - HOT
Setting: Regency & Georgian England
History comes to life through Henley's extraordinary storytelling and her ability to render women who led remarkable lives.  She gives them voice and passion.  On top of this, her novels are sensual, historically accurate and thrilling.
As the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, Lady Louisa enjoys the bawdy Georgian whirlwind straight into the Regency.  She charms many men, but she ridicules the young Irish nobleman James Hamilton when he proposes marriage.
Over the years, though, they become fast friends.  Though James vows to make Lu his wife, she will not be any man's prize, until she is caught in a scandal.  Now, it's marry James or face disgrace.  From friendship to grand passion, they live a life steeped in politics, society and their love.
(Signet Eclipse, March, 416pp. $15.00)
                                                                                      Kathe Robin - Romantic Times
K.I.S.S. Award for March (Knights in Shining Silver)
You'll swoon for Virginia Henley's James Hamilton, THE IRISH DUKE, a man who just won't take no for an answer, and who's based on a real-life nobleman.