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My favourite aircraft: A Vickers Viscount

VISCOUNT (1955-1974 in Canada)
The Vickers Viscount, the world's first turbine-propeller airliner, was ordered in November, 1952 and introduced by Trans-Canada Airlines on April 1, 1955 to its Montréal-Winnipeg route. TCA ordered 15 V.724's from the British manufacturer. Vickers had agreed to produce the 724's, as a more "North American" aircraft for TCA. Changes introduced included higher electrical power, a new fuel system, as well as cold weather operation provisions. TCA then ordered the 757's with 1,600 hp Dart 510 engines and a gross weight of 60,000 lb.By November of the same year, TCA Viscounts were serving fourteen North American cities. Passenger reaction to this new turbo-prop aircraft was enthusiastic; the comparative lack of vibration to piston-powered aircraft was quite substantial! The large panorma windows offered passengers an exceptional view. Eventually, TCA had a total fleet of 50 Viscounts (Models 724's and 757's), one aircraft was lost during delivery.. They had an average life of 17 years in service with TCA.

Passenger Capacity: 48
Range: 1500 Statute Miles, 2414 km
Cruising speed: 315 mph, 507 km/h
Engines: Four Rolls-Royce Dart-506 Turboprop

History of the Vickers Viscount

The Viscount made its first ten-minute test flight on July 16, 1948, but production models of the aircraft did not go into airline service until April 19, 1953. This delay was because the original design was too small and too slow, and thus very expensive to operate per passenger mile. The Model 630 carried thirty-two passengers and had a cruising speed of only 275 miles per hour.
Recognizing these difficulties, Vickers went back to work on a larger, more powerful version of the plane, the Viscount 700. This was to carry up to forty-seven passengers at a cruising speed of 308 miles per hour.
The enlarged Viscount was taken into the air for the first time on August 28, 1950, and the Vickers people felt that they had a winner at last. British European Airways ordered twenty of the machines, and further orders came from other companies.
Three years later the advanced qualities of the Viscount were demonstrated when the Model 700 won all honours in the transport section of the 12,367-mile air race from London to Christchurch, New Zealand. The plane averaged 320 miles per hour in the event, crossing the finishing line nine hours ahead of its closest rival!
After its early "too slow, too small" troubles, the Viscount became one of the best and fastest transports, carrying up to sixty-five passengers.
From Transport Planes that made history by David C. Cooke

TCA Viscount and Canadian Pacific Airlines Bristol Britannia at Windsor, April, 1962

Statistik hier von Lufthansa: Spannweite: 28,65 m Länge: 26,08 m Höhe: 8,15 m Triebwerk: 4 Rolls-Royce Propellerturbinen-Triebwerke Reichweite: 1500 km Reisegeschwindigkeit: 550 km Zahl der Fluggäste: 52/63 Mein Lieblingsflugzeug! Alle Fotos sind von mir.

Interior: TCA Viscount, 1968


Windsor, Ontario,


A sad sight at Tuscon, Arizona

Vickers Viscount 814

All photos, except top, by Ron Rhodes, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Please credit if used. Thanks.