1995 - February 6, 2005

George journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge after a brief struggle with heart disease. 

We miss him each and every day.  After all, what is a house without a dog on the table?

Hi, my name is George, and I'm Missy's brother.

My Story

Well, my story is not nearly as interesting as my sister's. I was also adopted by mom and dad from Hearts United for Animals in November of 1996. I was found by Lee Wheeler at a shelter in Newark, New Jersey. I was picked up as a stray, and she knew that my mom and dad were looking for a companion for Missy, so she called them and let them know that she had found me.

Lee told my mom and dad that I was a very sweet young fellow, who would probably get along well with Missy. I am very outgoing and confident, but I am never mean or ill-tempered. I enjoy finding out everything I can about everything and everyone I encounter!

I took a short plane trip to arrive at my new home. At the airport, I decided I was tired of being inside a stupid crate, so I took the door off. This perturbed the airport workers, who then had to go and get my mom and dad to come and get me sooner than anticipated (mom and dad didn't have to wait very long at the airport, hee hee!) My later great escapes at home, from the backyard gate, as well as from my kennel, earned me the nickname of Houdini.

Finally I managed to convince my parents that I would behave, after an initial period of cat-chasing which was strongly discouraged by my humourless guardians. Some people have NO sense of humour. Those cats wanted to be chased, I just know it. Anyway, I don't chase them anymore. I do like to kiss them sometimes, though. Usually a big wet kiss across the top of their furry little heads.

In my leisure time I like to play with my sister Missy and look around the house for spare food that no one else is eating. Additionally, I enjoy reclining in the middle of the dining room table.

This is another habit which my parents do not take well, but I am trying to train them to my ways.

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