Postage Due, Semi-Postal and Official mail

1919 Postage due partial set:  Orange/red for Northern Poland (Fenigow -Poznan) and Blue for Southern Poland (Halerzy- Krakow).

1921 Overprint on early Krakow issue.  Note the overprint is marek, the stamp in halerzy.

1923:  Postage due partial set in Polish Marek. Note inflation (1,000,000 Mk).

1924 Postage due, in GROSZY.

1936 issue, overprint on a 1928 stamp.

1920:  Official Mail partial set in Fenigow.

1935:  Official mail 25 groszy.  Official Registered mail 55 groszy.
(Actually the same size).

Semi-Postal 1st Philatelic Exposition 1919-
5 fenigow surcharge to benefit the Polish White Cross Society.

Winter Help issues of 1938-39.  Sold at a premium to raise money for charity.

Tax stamp.

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