Links to people who sell Polish stuff.  List only.  No endorsements implied.

Toronto Dealer of Polish medals.(Fair selection, but a bit pricey)

Ebay auctions by Andy Mirski- sells Polish Coins and Coin Books Chicago area.

Ebay Auctions by Ignacy- Polish coins and stamps.  Toronto.

Ebay auctions by Stefan- sells Polish Medals, coins, stamps books and more.  Toronto.
Ebay auctions by
Good medieval coin selection, including Poland.  Belgium

Ruscoins Auction (some Polish)

Allen G. Berman (Polish and world old coins)

Frank S. Robinson Auctions

Collector from Poland

Cherystone Auctions- First class stamps, but expensive.  USA.

Collection of dealers stamps of all countries.


Russian coins-early history reference only-nothing for sale.