Cross of Valour of General Bulak-Balachowicz; Pilsudski Legion Hat Badge; Haller Swords

Independence Medal; 10th Anniversary of Independence; 10 Years of Service (II Republic)

Auschwitz Cross (RP issue); Medal of Merit on the Field of Glory; Red Cross Medal (PRL issue)

Home Army (Armia Krajowa) Cross.  This commemorative Cross was instituted in 1966 by the Polish Government in Exile.  This example was made in Poland.  Other examples were made in England.  The English version has a Moire ribbon of higher quality.

Some Other Polish Medal Ribbons Including some Veterans Association Medals, Commemorative Medals & Un-Official issues.

1. Red Cross Medal
2. Volunteer War Cross & Medal
3. Haller Swords
4. Cross for American Volunteers (SWAP, issued from USA)
5. Haller medal (15 year Commemorative)
6. Balachowicz Cross of Valour

7. A & B    2 variants- Polish Army Medal (In France (WW II)
8. Commemorative of the 1st Grenadiers Division in France
9. Cross for Independence and Freedom
10. Home Army Cross
11. Cross for the September Campaign 1939

Veteran's in the West
12. 1st Armoured Division Commemorative
13. Cross of Merit of the SPK in England
14. Cross of Merit of the SPK in Canada
15. Kresowy Veteran's Association in FRG
16. 15 Years of Service SWAP (Polish Army Veteran's Association)
17. 50 year Anniversary of  SWAP (Polish Army Veteran's Association)


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