This page is intended to promote contact between collectors of Polish stamps, coins, paper money, medals and other historically significant items.  The exchange of knowledge and information is the main purpose of this page.
If you are interested in being listed here, please e-mail me  medalsgolden.net

There is no charge to be listed here.  Send your name, a brief description of your area of interest and your e-mail address.  You may get some junk e-mail from others who view this site. Please note that these links will not work automatically.  You must type in the address yourself.  This is to reduce spams.

Cezary, Canada: goszekaol.com Medals & Badges (English, Rozumiem po Polsku)

Janusz, Poland: wajaworscyf-kr.edu.pl  Medals & Badges (English, Rozumiem po Polsku)

Robert W. Marculewicz, Essex, MA USA:  rmarc99earthlink.net  or   rmarkxyzyahoo.com  Polish & Czech Orders, Medals Badges & Militaria.  Also Polish American Fraternal items (English)

Roman, USA:  RSobus9013cs.com   Stamps- POW / Concentration Camp Post

Stefan, Canada: stefancoinshome.com  Coins, Stamps, Medals, Paper Money, Documents and more (English, Rozumiem po Polsku)

Pawel, Poland: arsenaleuroserwer.com  Medals & Badges (English, Rozumiem po Polsku)

Tomislaw, Poland:  tomipacpoczta.onet.pl   Hat Eagles wanted.(English, Rozumiem po Polsku)

Dr. Ronald Labuz, PO Box 8381, Utica, NY USA 13505.  RonMLabuzcs.com
APS 182144, Polonus Philatelic Society,  Society for Polish Philately (UK).   General mint, Polish-area stampless covers, Polish WWII postal history and camp mail, and Polish groszy covers.

Jan Korzeniowski, Dartford, Kent, UK:  JKorzeniowskifreenetname.co.uk   Collecting & selling Polish stamps, coins, medals, swords & militaria.  Chairman & Auctioneer to "The Society for Polish Philately" in the United Kingdom.

Erv Mrotek, Phoenix AZ, USA:  ervmrotek.com   Stamps- POW Camp Posts and Illustrated Cards.

Mark SKRZYNSKI, MA, USA:  mskrzynskiaol.com  Military Helmets of 20th Century and camo covers. (English, Mowie po Polsku)

Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski, FL, USA:  zwesolowskaol.com  Virtuti Militari and Polish decorations (English, Mowie po Polsku)

Rafal Niedziela, Poland: rsundaypoczta.onet.pl  All items connected with Polish Parachute and Commando Units in World War II (Insignia, photos, documents, militaria, books, etc.). (English, Mowie po Polsku).

Paul R. Konys,  pkonysen.com  WW I and WW II Polish militaria, uniforms, weapons, helmets, posters, paper emphera and books in English and Polish.  Member of a WW II re-enacting group.

Ernest Ochocinski, CT., USA  eticoinyahoo.com  I collect Polish coins from One Thousand Years.  Buy proofs 1919-38 and gold coins.  (English, Mowie po Polsku).

Bornefeldt,  Aahauge, Denmark  bornefeldtprivat.dk   Polish medals from 2nd Rep., Exile and PRL.  I'm writing a book on the topic and constantly searching for variations.

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