John Goss (1800-1880)

Goss composed mostly church music. He was organist at St. Paulís from 1838 onward. Queen Victoria knighted him in 1872. In 1876, Cambridge University awarded him a Doctor of Music degree. He also held the post of Professor of Harmony at the Royal Academy of Music for almost half a century.

Both the Canadian and Anglican Chant Psalters contain numerous Goss chants, and his hymn tunes Praise My Soul and See Amid the Winter's Snow appear in Common Praise.


Music Time standard notation

The following links let you hear the Goss chant, played by the computer on a synthesised organ.
It will play twice, and clicking on the link again will cause it to repeat.

You might need to click Refresh on your browser, or press F5 before playing, as the chant files change regularly.

Full four-part chant

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Hear the part Soprano only Alto only Tenor only Bass only
Karaoke No Soprano No Alto No Tenor No Bass

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April 26, 2007

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