John Foster (1827-1915)

I found very little about John Foster, save that he was an organist and singer who lived in Staines and Hampstead.

The Anglican Chant Psalter includes this Foster chant, but in E, and The Canadian Psalter includes it twice in E-flat.


Music Time standard notation

The links below let you hear the Foster chant, played by the computer on a synthesised organ.
The buttons will play the chant in the browser, if the correct plugin is installed.
It will play twice, and clicking on the link again will cause it to repeat.

You might need to click Refresh on your browser, or press F5 before playing, as the chant files change regularly.

Full four-part chant

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Hear the part Soprano only
Alto only
Tenor only
Bass only
Karaoke No Soprano
No Alto
No Tenor
No Bass

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J. Malton
April 17, 2008

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