My BIG Project: H.M.S. Kent 1:48 scale model

H.M.S. Kent was laid down in 1899 and finished in 1903. She took part in the battle off the Falkland Islands in 1914 and sank the german light cruiser Nürnberg.
After that, she spent the rest of the war mostly on convoy duty. Scrapped in 1922.

H.M.S. Kent built from scratch at scale 1:48. The model is 3m long and will displace 82 kg.
It is built with remote control technology. The idea is to use a laptop computer and 8 bit codes for communication with on-board computer. This gives us 255 codes (which equates many channels)
It is Co-built by John Humpelstetter, but nothing has been done since he moved to St. Thomas in 1996.

Line drawing from "All the world's fighting ships"

Photograph of H.M.S. Donegal, sister ship of H.M.S. Kent

The model is built mainly from cereal box cardboard!!

My most recent pictures of the model, taken 1998.

The little gray boat on the Foc'sle deck is the biggest ship's boat: A 56' Steam Pinnace. It is shown closer up a few pictures down in an unfinished state.

Previous picture from 1993:

Close-up of superstructure seen from the rear. It shows the conning tower and two of the steering wheels. The one on the left goes in the conning tower and the one on the right goes on the bridge.

Three of the eleven life boats. From top to bottom: 30' Cutter, 56' Pinnace and 30' Gig. the Pinnace has since been completed. It's in the close-up of the bow of the ship farther up on this page.

Workplace: Canco Transportation Inc., where I get to drive these beasts:

1997 Western Star with Pro sleeper bunk. I only drive these occasionally

Western Star Interior. Very comfy...

This is my workhorse. If you see it on the 401, give me a call on Ch19. I'm out between 6 PM and 2 AM.

Now, this is my Baby. My 1988 5.0L V8 Ford Mustang. "Bat out of Hell"-vehicle! Midnight Black with Purple Metallic powder finish.
Let the images speak for themselves:
Crystal Hammer