Battle of Erestfer, 1701 Dec 30

The Battle

Boris Sheremetjev wanting to deal a blow to the defending forces in Livonia decided to attack the main force around Erestfer, under W A von Schlippenbach. A detachment of Estniska Adelsfanan under command of R von Liewen was driven back, but the fighting slowed down the russian attack and gave Schlippenbach enough time to gather his troops, except for one regiment, as the messenger sent there took a wrong turn and the regiment arrived in the evening after the battle had ended.
Schlippenbach had only around 1750 cavalry and 750 infantry, less detachments for a total of around 2200 men.

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During the battle, most of the swedish infantry was ruined along with heavy losses for the cavalry. Probably around half of the initial force. Karelska regementet was reported to have no more than 50 men remaining and Åbo-Björneborgs regemente lost its colonel, lieutenant colonel and major along with a couple of captains.

Schlippenbach gathered the reamaining shreds of his troops around Sagnitz, closer to Dorpat, and with Campanhausen's regiment was ready for battle again, if necessary. Sheremetjev knew this and withdrew. He kept up the pressure on the swedish forces, but an early thaw made movement difficult and gave the swedes a break.

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