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TransgendeRing TransgendeRing My name is Cassandra but most people call me Cassie.
I am a middle-aged, post-operative male-to-female transsexual.

The trip that a transsexual takes commonly starts with long, faltering steps down a path to despair and anguish. Many transsexuals travel this lonely journey to the point where the lack of an acceptable future leads to suicide.

However, the journey should not lead toward such ends as suicide or even misery. Once the light of a better way to live as a transsexual is shown, once a liveable path is shown, a transsexual can rise above her or his deep despair and anguish, and make a joyous, prosperous life.

If you are a transsexual, please feel free to read about my path, to learn how I broke out of the closet and to learn how happy that I have become. Yes, I am transsexual. Yes, I am happy. I am at peace with myself and celebrate my transsexuality. Have I started hormones? Have I transitioned? Have I been accepted by the public? Yes to all these questions. I have traveled far but still have far to travel. Come, share the joys and rewards of a better path, my trans-sisters and my trans-brothers.

If you are not a transsexual but wish to learn about us, then welcome to our world, and read on. I hope that you enter with an open mind. Learn. Accept us as your sister or brother, as we are, not as you have known us. We are happier as ourselves, not as others would have us. We are better for you to relate to when we are content being ourselves.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any question or constructive comment.


When I discover who I am, I’ll be free
Ralph Ellison

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Photograph: Sunrise over Atlantic Ocean, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Cassie’s Menu

About Cassie
  Information About Me -- some general information about me
  My Gender History -- details of how transsexuality has impacted my life
  First Idea Of Sexuality -- the initial realization that I was different from my peers
  Herstory Chapter 2 -- my teen life and start of my twenties
  Herstory Chapter 3 -- working life as a closet transsexual
  Herstory Chapter 4 -- from onset of transformation to transition
  First Time Out -- my first time out dressed as a woman
  Comments On Religion -- some of my religious tenets regarding transsexuliaty
  Cassandra (ABBA) -- the lyrics of the song that help convince me to take Cassandra as my new name
  Books and Movies -- items related to the issues faced by transsexuals
  Preparing To Come-Out -- notes on setting up one’s come-outs, notably to family and friends
  Old Come-Out Letter -- my original come-out letter
  Present Come-Out Letter -- my later come-out letter
  Tamara's Letter -- a copy of the come-out letter of a dear friend
  Melody's Letter -- a copy of the come-out letter of a friend
  Transitioning At Work -- my experiences of transitioning at a consulting engineering company
  Two Rules I Live By -- the simple rules that made it possible for me to survive a gender transition
  The Adjustment -- a revelation about being a transsexual
  Q & A -- some general questions and my answers to them
  Make-Up -- a treasured friend helped me learn to use make-up -- these are my notes
Medical / Post-op
  Dilation History -- post-op surgical care of a transsexual including a downloadable Excel workbook
  A Yeast Problem -- coping with a persistent problem that can plague transsexuals -- yeast infections. In my case, the usual treatments such as Monistat 7 Combo and Canesten failed to bring lasting relief from yeast. So, I engineered a solution, which has brought me sustained relief from vaginal irritation.
  Vulvar Irritation -- solution and preventative measures to an excrutiating problem that can plague transsexuals. Vulvar irritation (also called vulva irritation) in transsexuals can be extremely depressing, possibly driving the transsexual to thoughts of suicide.
  Electrolysis -- some comments on how to deal with permanent hair removal
Odds and Ends
  Serenity Prayer -- one version of a very pertinent prayer for me
  OHIP Bulletin 4330 -- the infamous notification of the injustice committed by the Ontario government

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