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Instructions for a 2.5" Body Lift

We thank our friend David for these instructions on the installation of a 2.5 inch body lift in a Suzuki Sidekick.

There are 8 body mounts and 4 frame pads on a Sidekick. Start with 12 pieces of 2X3" box tubing each cut 3" long. start on the drivers side of the truck and remove all the nuts and bolts from the body mounts on that side of the body. On the drivers side, the front brake the line comes through the inner fender then is clipped to the frame before it goes to the caliper. Remove this clip so the line hangs freely from the inner fender to the caliper. Now with a block of wood against the floor pan jack up the body until the body studs clear the frame by about 2" Drill a hole big enough for the body stud to fit through in the top center of the box tube ( the 3" side) and a hole big enough for a 1/2" bolt through the bottom side of the tube. Be sure to use grade 8 bolts through the bottom of the box tube to the frame, don't use any washers under the head of the bolt as you will want to pull the box tube down into the recess formed by the frame pad, do use a flat washer and a lock washer under the nut to be sure it doesn't loosen up. Next re attach the body to the top of the box tube using the original mounting hardware. Be sure to put the bolt thou the bottom hole before you tighten down the body to the box tube as there isn't much clearance between the body stud and the bolt when it is in place. the procedure is a little different for the the mounts at the front and rear bumper but the idea is basically the same. Once that side of the truck is done crawl underneath and unbolt the brake junction block from the frame, you will find it located on the frame close to the starter on the passenger side of the body. Once this is loose jack up the passenger side of the truck and install the box tube in the same way you did the drivers side. once the tubing is installed rebolt the brake junction box to the frame, but put the bolt through the bottom hole in the junction box and into the top hole in the frame. this may take some prying but it will work and will relieve the strain on the brake hoses. Ok now look under the truck, you will see four rubbing pads which use to ride on the frame rails. Two are between the front seats and two are under the luggage area. Take the last four pieces of box tubing and place them on top of the frame so they contact the rubbing pads. now take coat hangers and temporarily lash them to the frame under the rubbing pads so you can drive it to the local welder and have them permanently welded to the top of the frame. You now have a Sidekick with a 2.5" body lift, Congratulations. The last thing you will notice is that the bumpers are now 2.5" to low for the body. The only way to fix this is to get after-market tube bumpers for your truck. Calmini sells front and rear tube bumpers for the sidekick and he also sells an offset bracket to raise the front bumper to the right height. the back bumper is not raise able but looks ok at the stock height.

Good luck and may the Zuk be with you.

If you have any questions or run into a problem with this installation please e-mail David Ulrich at