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About Us...

We are a small hobby kennel located near Durham, Ontario with our focus on healthy, happy labradors with the outstanding temperment, willingness to please and retreiving instincts so important to our breed. We started out in Registered Labs with the purchase of Ch. Braunayr's Irish Cream who became the foundation of our line. With her outstanding qualities Bailey made her mark, whether it was in the show ring(not her favourite thing to do), out hunting with John and the boys or just laying around and being herself.

Our dogs have earned titles in  Conformation,  Obedience and Field


Bailey doing what she did best - getting "the bird" at 9 yrs young!

About Labrador Retrievers

“A moment later the stevedore appeared on deck leading by a leash one of the most handsome dogs ever seen in Maryland. He was jet-black, sturdy in his front quarters, sleek and powerful in his hind, with a face so intelligent that it seemed he might speak at any moment. His movements were quick, his dark eyes following every development nearby, yet his disposition appeared so equable he seemed always about to smile.

“’He’s called a Labrador,’ Lightfoot said. ‘Finest huntin’ dog ever developed’”

"So wrote James Michener in his novel Chesapeake about the arrival of a new breed of dog to the Maryland marshes to challenge the reign of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a consummate hunter. The Labrador Retriever has lived up to his billing – he is the most popular dog in the Canada with  thousands of individuals registreatons thousands of  litters registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 2005. These figures put the Lab far ahead of any other breed for several years in a row now.

The Lab actually developed in Newfoundland, from whence he made his way to England, probably with fishermen who worked the rich fisheries off the coast of the eastern Canadian provinces. There, in order to avoid confusion with the larger, heavy-coated Newfoundland dog, he was called the Labrador. The original Labrador Retriever was a versatile working dog, able to rescue drifting nets, bring back shot waterfowl, and haul the catch to market in jog carts. Once in England, however, his marvelous nose brought him fame as a hunting dog, a job he relishes today.

But the Labrador Retriever is far more. In this one breed are combined a smattering of all the attributes needed in a family dog for an active household. He is kind to children, friendly to most people and other animals, energetic, easy-to-train, anxious to please, fun to teach tricks and games, and an easy-keeper. He’ll play fetch for hours or lie quietly on the family room floor, content to serve as a pillow for a toddler. Well-bred Labs have a stable temperament suitable for work as a guide dog for the blind, an assistance dog for a handicapped person, or a sniffer dog for contraband at airports and border checkpoints. And he is a fine dog for those interested in competition events such as obedience or hunting tests or trials."
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