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What's in a (Roman) Name?

A Roman woman normally had no personal name, but was known by the name of her gens, or tribe. For example, Gaius Julius Caesar's daughter was Julia. Marcus Tullius Cicero's daughter was named Tullia. However, many of the women we read about had two or more names. We can only imagine how difficult it would have been otherwise.

Some examples of famous women with more than one name are:

Poppaea Sabina - Nero's second wife

Annia Galeria Faustina - wife of Antoninus Pius. This is also her daughter's name (pictured above), wife of Marcus Aurelius.

Julia Domna - wife of Septimius Severus

What's in Your Name?

My Roman name generator is generous; it calculates two names for all women, empress or otherwise. The second name calculated is the name of your gens (tribe).

Please note that your Roman name is NOT a direct Latinization of your name (mea culpa), but it is NOT random. My name generator calculates the number values in each letter of your name to mathematically arrive at your unique Roman name. Try switching between your full name and your nickname (if you have one). Your praenomen will change, but your nomen will stay the same.

I apologize if you didn't get something like Cleopatra (not a Roman name, anyways), but you already knew that one. Besides, these are more fun!


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