Ted's Roman Coins: The Republic

Obverse Reverse Denarius, 110-106 BC
Obv. The helmeted head of Roma.

Rev. Victory driving a biga (2 horses) right.
C PVLCHER beneath.
Obverse Reverse Denarius - 1st Century B.C.
This coin has a serrated edge.
Obv. The helmeted head of Roma, with 'X' behind.

Rev. Somebody driving a biga r.
ROMA(?) beneath.
Obverse Reverse Denarius - Fonteia 11, 1st Century B.C.
Obv. M FONTEIA(...) Laureled head of Vejovis.

Rev. Infant winged Genius on a goat,
with the caps of the Dioscuri above, a thunderbolt below.
Obverse Reverse Denarius - Tituria, c.85 BC
Obv. SABIN, King Tatius, an ancestral Sabine king.

Rev. (L) TITVRI, depicting the carrying off of the Sabine women.
Obverse Reverse Denarius, c.82 BC
Obv. head of Venus
retrograde legend: L CENSORIN

Rev.Venus driving a biga.
C LIMETA and P CREPVSIN beneath.